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SIG Description

The Pediatric Resident SIG was created by residents, for residents. The group focuses on issues important to residents including education, work/life balance, and career development.


The goal of the Pediatric Resident SIG is to provide support, education, and discussion for pediatric residents.

Past Meetings

The Pediatric Resident SIG Annual Meeting was held on May 3, 2008 at the annual Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in Honolulu, HI. The meeting included a panel discussion on the balance between work and life. Panelists included Dr. Noelle Johnstone (with her son Cole), Dr. Elizabeth Stuart, Dr. Rebecca Blankenberg, and Dr. Glenn Rosenbluth. Key themes discussed included mental health, logistics of having a family in residency, and the loss of outside interests during residency training. Ideas generated by the group included devising a "social CV" where residents record aspects of their life outside the hospital that are most important and having regular check-in time with faculty mentors regarding these interests throughout residency. Balance was also discussed as part of the professionalism competency. Residents raised concern that the lack of time or resources for self-care could potentially affect their ability to provide good patient care.

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Resident / Fellow Corner

Annual Report

Co-chairs:  Carmin Powell, MD, Whitney Chadwick, MD, Charlie Wickremasinghe, MD

SIG purpose/mission:

  • Residents/fellows trainees seeking to understand challenges and institutional barriers to sustaining diversity and inclusion education within residency programs
  • Pediatric program directors, Pediatric residency coordinators and pediatric faculty interested in expanding their own diversity and inclusion education and develop curriculum that addresses the impact of implicit bias.

SIG Workshop Objectives/Goals:

  • Review recent published literature on the impact of unconscious bias training and hidden curriculum in current pediatric residency medical training
  • Discuss the current state of pediatric residency programs' with diversity and inclusion programs through panel discussion with academic leaders in the field
  • Apply "Hafferty's taxonomy of medical curricula" to address the formal, informal and hidden curriculum and re-design current diversity and inclusion curriculum

Invited Panel Speakers:

  • Franklin Trimm, MD – President APPD, Director, Pediatric Residency Program, Univ of South Alabama Peds Res Program. Department Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician
  • Pat Poitevien, MD - Residency Program Director, NYU School of Medicine. Race Pediatric Education Group Co-Lead for APPD
  • Brian Lurie, MD – At-Large Member of the APPD Associate Program Director’s Executive Committee. Associate Program Director of the Pediatric Residency Program, Morristown (NJ). LGBTA+ Pediatric Education Group Co-Lead for APPD.
  • Fernando Mendoza, MD – Assoc. Dean of Minority Advising and Programs, Office of Student Affairs. Professor of General Pediatrics at LPCH

SIG Workshop Facilitators:

  • SIG Leaders - Carmin Powell, MD, Whitney Chadwick, MD, Charlie Wickremasinghe, MD
  • Michelle Brooks, C-TAGME - Program Coordinator Stanford. LGBTA+ Pediatric Education Group Co-Lead for APPD
  • Baraka Floyd, MD, MSc - Clinical Instructor, Department of General Pediatrics Stanford School of Medicine
  • Emily Whitgob, MD – Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Fellow, Stanford Medicine
  • Lahia Yemane, MD  - Associate Program Director, Clinical Instructor, Department of General Pediatrics, Stanford Medicine

Annual summary:
The APA Pediatric Residents SIG Workshop was a held on Saturday, May 6th from 3-5pm. The workshop was well attended by a mixture of residents, fellows and pediatric faculty from various pediatric institutions. The SIG session opened with a powerpoint presentation (please see attachment) to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in residency programs. As the SIG leaders, we facilitated a great panel discussion with esteemed APA/APPD members from different backgrounds who have been integral at their home institutions in building and promoting diversity and inclusion efforts. We also had the audience participants ask questions and discussed the challenges with improving diversity and inclusion programs and how to address the hidden curriculum that may in fact limit institutional support. The last part of our workshop was focused on small group activity, where participants had a handout to answer some of these questions as it related to their own residency programs and how they can go back to their institutions with this information to better build the case for diversity and inclusion in our residency training. We also gave participants feedback forms and received an overwhelmingly positive response regarding our SIG workshop. Overall it was great experience for us to participate in this APA Pediatric Resident SIG for the past year and present our work at the PAS meeting.

We have attached the materials from our SIG workshop for your review and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

APA Pediatric Residents SIG Handout

2017 PAS Pediatric Residents Presentation

Summary of how $300 was utilized this year: We did not know that there was $300 fund for our SIG workshop, which would have been nice to know in case we wanted to expand on this session. This would be useful to know for next years SIG Resident

April 2016 Newsletter Article

The Division Directors & Pediatric Residents SIGs are combining!!! Don't miss this interactive and informative career-oriented SIG offering advice/experience from our SIG to yours to help you start your academic career on the right foot!

"To Infinity and Beyond: From Resident to Academic Leader"

The program will focus on career development and planning for residents and fellows moving towards and/or into their new academic homes. Career options and benefits for those pursuing chief residency will also be discussed. Topics covered:

  • Didactics on salary/financials/contracts/structuring educational debt/reading spreadsheets
  • Breakouts with thematic questions centered on possible career tracks (Academic Pediatricians, Hospitalists, Continuity Clinic Directors, Program and Associate Program directors, Advocacy, QI, Undecided, etc.)
  • Chief resident panel discussion: featuring current chief residents and APA SIG leaders who are
    former chief residents (How do Chiefs get paid?)
  • Open forum, feedback, and networking

Attendees and leaders in discussion:
John Olson (Continuity Clinic Directors), Mary Rogers (Hospitalist/Nursery), John Harrington (General Academic Pediatrics), and several others.

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Jessica Moriarty, MD
725 Welch Road, MC 5906
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: (650) 497-8979

Lee Trope, MD
725 Welch Road, MC 5906
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: (650) 497-8979

Srisindu Vellanki, MD
725 Welch Road, MC 5906
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: (650) 497-8979




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