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SIG Description

The obesity SIG is a group of pediatricians interested in childhood obesity.


The mission of the obesity SIG is to connect individuals who share an interest in childhood obesity, share resources, research, and best practices.

Past Meetings

Meeting 2008

Annual Report

David Collier, MD, PhD; East Carolina University
Matthew Haemer, MD, MPH; University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine
Ashley Weedn, MD, MPH; University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

SIG purpose/mission: The mission of the Obesity SIG is to connect individuals who share an interest in childhood obesity and to share resources, research, and best practices.

Current SIG goals:

  1. To provide annual programs at PAS on various topics related to childhood obesity practices, research, or advocacy initiatives to SIG members.
  2. To develop a network for members with similar interests in obesity practice and research.
  3. To collaborate with other obesity-related groups to provide members with access to resources and endorse consistent practices and recommendations across organizations.

Annual summary:
Our SIG worked with the Teaching in Community Settings SIG this year to provide a combined program at PAS. The program was held on May 7th and focused on training in childhood obesity across the learner spectrum. We were excited to have the below expert speakers share strategies and approaches on teaching obesity prevention and management to medical students, residents, fellows, and community providers. If you are interested in copies of the presentations, please contact the Obesity SIG co-chairs.

Dr. Mollie Grow presented “Teaching Medical Students about Pediatric Obesity: Aligning with our Learners.” She discussed the framework for teaching nutrition within the COMSEP curriculum and outlined potential opportunities for improving medical student teaching in pediatric obesity.

Drs. Bob Siegel and Jill Kline presented “Teaching Residents and Fellows Pediatric Obesity Care and Prevention,” highlighting opportunities for training residents and fellows in both primary care and tertiary care obesity management.

Drs. Amy Christison and Chris Bolling presented “Teaching MI to Residents, Fellows, Students, and Other Leaners: Leading by Example.” They provided strategies to incorporate MI into various trainee settings.

Dr. Ulfat Shaikh presented “Collaborative Quality Improvement for Childhood Obesity in Rural Clinics Using Telehealth.” She shared how telehealth visits can enhance team-based care in obesity management.

In April, we held an election for an open co-chair position for the 2017-2020 term with 3 excellent candidates. We welcome Kristen Copeland, MD, MPH as our new SIG co-chair and thank David Collier, MD, PhD, for his service as a co-chair for the past 3 years.

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April 2015 Newsletter Article

This year's SIG will focus on hot topics in obesity research and motivational interviewing with an emphasis on translating applications into your practice and community. Presentations will include "Xenobiotics, Transgenerational Effects, and Obesity," by David Collier, MD, PhD and "Motivating Adolescents with Technology to CHOOSE Health," by Suzanne Lazorick, MD, MPH, both from the East Carolina University Pediatric Healthy Weight Research and Treatment Center. Then, learn about the evidence and feasibility for incorporating motivational interviewing (MI) in community and academic settings to address childhood obesity.  Presentations will include "Brief MI Office Visits - Does this Really Work to Reduce Child BMI?" by Sarah Armstrong, MD, Duke University; "Implementing Lifestyle Screening and MI for Obesity Prevention and Treatment in Pediatric Clinics," by Matthew Haemer, MD, MPH, University of Colorado; and "Training Residents in Behavioral Approaches to Address Childhood Obesity" by Stephen Gillaspy, PhD, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.


Ashley Weedn, MD, MPH
Department of Pediatrics
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Kristen Copeland, MD
3333 Burnet Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone: (513) 636-1687

Matthew Haemer, MD MPH
4690 E Perry Parkway
Denver, CO 80121
Phone: (720) 777-7474

Ashley Weedn, MD, MPH
1200 Children's Ave, Ste 12400
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Phone: (405) -27-4407

Current SIG Mentor:

Sandra Hassink, MD
2602 Pennington Drive
Wilmington, DE 19810
Phone: (302) 229-8240




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