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SIG purpose/mission:

  • To share and discuss evidence-based information and determine best clinical practices for term and late preterm newborns.  
  • To enhance the teaching of medical students and residents in the fine art and science of newborn care. 

Current SIG goals:

  • Bring together Newborn medical directors and physicians to share practices in various settings
  • Discuss the latest evidence-based medicine for newborns in order to provide optimal care, and 
  • Identify quality improvement and research efforts that benefit newborns.

Fall 2018 Update: 

We are now actively planning for this year's SIG meeting in Baltimore.  We have an exciting keynote planned with Tom Newman and Alex Kemper giving us an update on "Adventures in Phototherapy Guidelines"  should be a lively discussion and timely one as well as the AAP Guidelines will be coming out soon.  We will also be continuing our "Hot Topics" segment and will hear from Alison Holmes on her work on circumcision timing and also from Jaspreet Loyal on newborn falls.    We will also have time for poster presentations and networking as well as a brief business meeting.    AND, be on the lookout for details about when and where our annual Happy Hour will be!  We had a blast in Toronto with a great turnout, and appetizers thanks to the APA!    In other news, we are searching for a new SIG Co-chair--email one of the current Co-chairs if you are interested in running.    Jaspreet Loyal, Laura Kair, and Ann Kellams  --current Newborn SIG Co-chairs

Annual summary:
We had a tremendous turn out for the Newborn SIG meeting at PAS in Toronto (~80 attendees). SIG Keynote address: Dr. Pablo J. Sanchez, MD,professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, board-certified neonatologist and pediatric infectious diseases specialist gave the group an engaging update on Congenital Zika Virus syndrome and the US response.    
Newborn *HOT* topics were presented by Diane Madlon-Kay (University of Minnesota), Carl Seashore (University of North Carolina), Jennifer Hudson (Greenville Health System) and Ilse Larson (Oregon Health Sciences University) on the topics of jaundice, hip dysplasia, neonatal abstinence and breastfeeding respectively. We asked the speakers to present brief updates and share an educational handout for attendees to use at their home institutions.    
Newborn Poster Session. We had the following posters presented at the SIG meeting:    
1. Maria del Mar Romero Lopez: Dextrose gel (DG) treatment for at-risk newborns with proven hypoglycemia in the first 24 hours of life to decrease mother-baby separation (MBS). 
2. April Tan: The Effect of Early Circumcision on Breastfeeding Duration Using Sibling Comparisons 
3. Michael Kaplan: Compliance with Birth Hospitalization Discharge Instructions for Surveillance for Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia 
4. Sweatha Kasala. Etiology And Outcomes of Neonatal Thrombocytopenia: A Single Institution Experience 
5. Priscella Chan: Gomco or Mogen?: No effect on circumcision revision rates 
6. Doris Valenzuela Araujo: Provider breastfeeding counseling varies across patient demographic groups 
7. Brittany Jackson: Breast pump suction pressure is affected by the brand of breast pump kit 
8. Jennifer Murzycki: How many babies is too many?: Census from a newborn rounder service. 
9. Esther Chung: Depressive Symptoms among New Mothers: Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences                                                                                                                                                          Business meeting: We discussed varying approaches to perinatal marijuana exposure and breastfeeding and ways to partner with hospital medicine clinicians who also take care of newborns.   
SIG website: We were told by the APA leadership, that they will be transitioning to a new website for SIGs in the next few months. We will transition out of the wiki (yay!) to this new site, more to come!            
Candidates for SIG chair: Jaspreet Loyal will be stepping down as one of the SIG co-chairs in May 2019 at the PAS meeting. If you or someone you know might be interested in being a SIG co-chair, please encourage him/her to apply. We will be soliciting applicants later in the year.  Newborn list serv: We continue to have an engaged membership who ask great questions on the listserv with excellent responses.

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Laura Kair, MD
2516 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817
Phone: (916) 734-7308

Ann Kellams, MD
PO Box 800386
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone: (434) 924-5899

Jennifer Murzycki, MD,PhD or other doctorate
14 Mockingbird Lane
Maynard, MA 01754
Phone: (774) -24-2266

Current SIG Mentor:

Carrie Phillipi, MD,PhD or other doctorate
Portland, OR 97221
Phone: (503) -49-6513




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