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SIG Description

The Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics SIG provides a forum within the Academic Pediatric Association (APA) for members to share research (and ideas for research), innovative educational programs, and advocacy efforts with respect to developmental behavioral pediatrics in primary care and in subspecialty care.


1. To foster interest and discussion in emerging areas relevant to developmental behavioral pediatrics. 2. To support education and research in developmental behavioral pediatrics in primary care and in subspecialty care.


Annual Report

Diane Langkamp, MD, MPH (term ending 2018)
Katherine Zuckerman, MD, MPH (term starting 2017)

Our topic for the annual meeting of the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics SIG at the 2018 PAS meeting was "Telemedicine in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics." Neelkamal Soares, MD, from Western Michigan University gave an overview on "Telehealth in Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. Diane Langkamp, MD, MPH from Akron Children's Hospital presented on "Telemedicine –treating acute illnesses in children with developmental disabilities in a school setting.” Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt, Ph.D. from Akron Children's Hospital spoke about “Telemedicine and Early Intervention” with a particular focus on young children with autism. This was a great opportunity for discussion of the application of this technology to the field of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics.

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June 2014 Newsletter Article

The topic for the APA Developmental -Behavioral Pediatrics SIG on May 3 at the PAS meeting was "Can Mental Health Become Mainstream Pediatrics? Statewide Approaches to Transforming Pediatric Primary Care". About 35 people attended to hear presentations from 3 states about ways to improve identification and management of behavioral problems in the primary care setting. John Duby and Rebecca Baum presented the "Building Mental Wellness" (or BMW) program they have developed and are implementing in Ohio. Frances Rushton described the work being done by the South Carolina QTIP program. Linda Grossman of the Baltimore County Health Department described the D-TECKT program developed by the Maryland Chapter of AAP to help physicians approach complex child behavioral problems in the primary care setting. She also described how they developed the BI-PED Project (Brief Interventions in Pediatric Mental Health for the Pediatric Practitioner) that includes resources for screening and diagnosis as well as parent handouts on specific behavioral problems and parent handouts on specific non-pharmacologic interventions for common behavioral problems. A lively discussion followed. The slides from these 3 presentations will be available on the SIG web page on the APA website soon.

We are open to suggestions for topics or speakers for the 2015 DBP SIG meeting. Please forward your ideas to Diane Langkamp at

SIG Chair:
Diane Langkamp

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Past Meetings

The SIG was at the PAS Meeting in Baltimore May 2-5,2009.

The 2008 Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics SIG featured a presentation by Regina Gargis, Andrea Hart and Betsy Johnson of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. They spoke on promoting social competence and cooperation in toddlers with disruptive behaviors. Their session focused on therapeutic ways to empower parents to develop stronger child-parent relationships.

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