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2015 Integrative Pediatrics Special Interest Group Annual Report

Based on feedback from prior attendees, our goal for this year's Integrative Pediatrics Special Interest Group was to provide integrative medicine tools that providers can take back home and use in their clinical practices. To achieve this end, Dr. Kathi Kemper presented a wonderfully informative lecture entitled "Pediatric Integrative Medicine: Treatment Approaches to Common Conditions". Considered by many as the founder of the field of integrative medicine for children, Dr. Kemper was a former president of the Academic Pediatric Association, and formed this Integrative Pediatrics Special Interest Group. Kathi shared many techniques to treat headaches, cold symptoms, anxiety, and GI complaints with herbs and dietary supplements.

We then built on Kathi's presentation with a hands-on session to show the attendees some common acupuncture points to massage in order to treat these same pediatric complaints. This workshop was conducted by Alyssa Johnson and Dr. Shiu-Lin Tsai, both licensed acupuncturists. Alyssa is the Acupuncturist and Pediatric Integrative Medicine Program Coordinator at Primary Children's Hospital at the University of Utah. She specializes in treating children with headaches. Shiu-Lin is a pediatric emergency medicine physician at Columbia University Medical Center and has been using acupuncture in the ER for over a decade.

The third segment of our program was devoted to showcasing research in integrative medicine. Four posters were presented, and the authors each gave a 3 minute presentation of their study. Amanda Schlefman, a third year resident, presented her poster entitled "Healing Touch Consults at a Tertiary Care Children's Hospital: Two Years' Experience". Dr. Mallory Taylor, also a third year resident, presented her poster titled "Mindfulness Meditation for Pediatric Residents". Dr. Misra Sanghamitra from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, prepared a poster entitled "Comparison of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use in an Uninsured Versus a Privately Insured Population in Houston, Texas". And Dr. Kathi Kemper presented her poster entitled "Impact of Online Training in Mind-Body Skills".

All three programs generated lively participation and discussions amongst the 20 attendees. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. Going forward, having a joint meeting with other SIG's may afford a larger audience to bring more attention to integrative medicine and its usefulness in multiple specialties like neurology, emergency medicine, general pediatrics and others.

Erica Sibinga, MD. Co-Chair
Shiu-Lin Tsai, MD. Co-Chair

PAS 2014:

For information regarding the Integrative Pediatrics SIG session at PAS '14, please click here.

Speakers at PAS '14:

  • Alyssa H. Johnson, B.A. Ms. OM, L.A. and Lynn A. Gershan, MD
    Pediatric Integrative Medicine, University of Utah
    Title: Introduction of Acupuncture Into Treatment of Adolescent Headache in a Hospital-Based Integrative Medicine Program
  • Misra Sanghamitra, MD and Aditi Gupta, MD
    Academic General Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
    Title: Introduction of Integrative Medicine Education To Pediatric Residents in Houston, Texas.

  • August 2014 Newsletter Article

    The Integrative Pediatric SIG welcomed attendees from North America and Europe at Vancouver this May. Dr. Elena Ladas who heads the Integrative Therapies Program for Children with Cancer at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, gave the key note address. She introduced the audience to the many differing modalities used for her patients in the oncology group, and around the hospital including the PICU and NICU. In particular, nutrition was the focus of Dr. Ladas presentation where she also shared lessons learned from her research. The second half of our SIG meeting was devoted to two research posters: the first one was on the utilization of acupuncture in a headache clinic, and the second study was on the integration of complementary and alternative medicine education in a pediatric residency program. Overall feedback from participants positive, with particularly lively interactive discourse over the posters.

    SIG Chairs:
    Erica Sibinga

    Shiu-Lin Tsai

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