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SIG purpose/mission:
To further the newly emerging field of integrative pediatric which focuses on the integration of all available modalities to optimize health in all pediatric patients.  

Current SIG goals:
1. Provide a forum for SIG members to discuss education, research and clinical practice of integrative pediatrics 
2. Introduce all APA members to various aspects of integrative medicine 
3. Collaborate with members of other national pediatrics organizations to disseminate information about integrative pediatrics evidence and research

Semi-Annual Update:

We would like to officially thank Dr. Kathi Kemper for her mentorship as she continues to help lead this group and guide the current co-chairs. Also, a big thank you again to our wonderful speakers in Toronto! It was a great hands-on learning experience and we hope to continue to build upon that learning model with our next session in Baltimore.     Our focus for the 2019 meeting will look at integrating supplements, aromatherapy and yoga into every day pediatric practice. We understand that there are a multitude of integrative herbs, supplements and therapies available to physicians that can, at times, be overwhelming. Understanding those that are high yield, evidence-based, and safe is a difficult task for most physicians. With patients seeking non-prescription therapies, it is important to have a solid foundation to draw upon.  Experts on herbal supplements, aromatherapy and yoga will present their experiences, evidence and safety information as well as ways to easily implement into practice.    We are excited to welcome Dr. Cora Breuner, Dr. Melanie Anspacher and Dr. Ina Stephens to lead this session.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore. Please check the final schedule for the session date and time SIG: Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Other groups (other SIGs and other groups not in the APA) that work in your area of interest:  

Complex Care SIG, Palliative Care groups, and American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Integrative Medicine

Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Danielle Graff, MD,Other, FAAP
571 S. Floyd
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) .62-7212

Sanghamitra Misra, MD
8080 North Stadium Drive
Houston, TX 77054
Phone: (832) -47-1217

Current SIG Mentor:

Kathi Kemper, MD, MPH
BLACKLICK, OH 43004-8082
Phone: (614) 685-9052




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