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What is Pediatric Urgent Care?
Urgent Care is defined by CMS as providing episodic acute care when it is unreasonable to wait greater than 12 hours to seek care. Those sites labeled at Urgent Care should have plain radiography and basic laboratory testing available. Urgent Care differs from other sites of care including extended hours of primary care, school-based care, or retail-based care in that they have extended availability to handle higher acuity illness and address minor traumas and procedures. Pediatric Urgent Care is a specialized location of acute care services that is typically staffed by board-certified pediatricians who solely attend to pediatric patients. There are an estimated 400 pediatric urgent care centers in comparison to the 10,000 general urgent cares nation-wide. Pediatric Urgent Care has become a desirable career for many pediatricians seeking shift work consisting of a mix of acute illness and injury in a fast-paced family-centered care setting.

To support urgent care pediatricians engaged in teaching, research, advocacy, and educational scholarship and foster collaboration among academic institutions and with other professional organizations to enhance the delivery of acute care to children.

Provide a venue for networking and collaboration among pediatric urgent care providers who work in an academic setting, and those who engage in education, advocacy, research and quality improvement initiatives related to pediatric urgent care.
Offer mentorship to support the career advancement and promotion of pediatricians practicing pediatric urgent care.
Promote collaboration on educational materials and curricula related to pediatric acute care for residents and residency graduates.
Partner with communities and primary care physicians to provide quality care in the urgent care setting, particularly to those most vulnerable or who experience health care barriers.

PAUC Pillars of APA:
While many pediatricians practicing urgent care have academic appointments, these providers lack a “professional home” to guide career development and nurture their academic endeavors in education, advocacy, research and quality improvement science.

Given the growing number of pediatric urgent care fellowships (four have been created since 2012, with more in development), a venue for those involved in the education of urgent care providers to communicate and collaborate is essential to ensuring cohesive educational experiences for our trainees.

Pediatric urgent care is a novel setting for research, and research related to pediatric urgent care as has been presented at the last few PAS annual meetings. A SIG for academic pediatric urgent care provides a means to collaborate and promote health outcomes research in acute care settings.

Healthcare Delivery
Children seeking acute care often are treated in non-pediatric settings. Indeed, just as pediatric emergency medicine has set standards for pediatric care in all emergency settings, academic pediatric urgent care is working to identify and create benchmarking standards for quality pediatric care in the urgent care setting.

Public Policy & Advocacy
Pediatric urgent care is a rapidly growing field, providing access to acute care for children when the medical home is not an option and acuity does not require emergency department resources. Providing equitable access to patient and family centered care is central to the mission of pediatric urgent care scholars working as a member of the medical neighborhood.

Year in Review for PAUC:
History was made on April 23, 2019 when Dr. Selbst signed the approval of Pediatric Academic Urgent Care as a SIG for the APA. The Subcommittee on Urgent Care for the AAP promoted the news during their council meeting at PAS. The Co-Chairs for PAUC went through SIG leader training and networked with the Chairs of the other SIGs. Planning for PAUC promotion, programming for PAS 2020, and plans for collaboration with other SIGs is already underway. PAS 2019 saw 10 abstracts and 3 platform presentations that incorporated Urgent Care into their scholarship.

Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Ioannis Koutroulis, MD, PhD, MBA
3658 Park Pl NW
Washington, DC 20010
Phone: (718) 288-2032

Amanda Montalbano, MD, MPH
2220 Holmes Rd
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (816) 478-5252

Amy Pattishall, MD
1645 Tullie Circle NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (404) 785-7141




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