LGBTQ Health and Well-Being SIG

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SIG purpose/mission:
The purpose of this SIG is to provide a forum within the Academic Pediatric Association for members to share and advance research at various stages of development, innovative teaching activities and ideas, and advocacy efforts in support of LGBTQ children, youth, parents, and members of the health professions including students, residents, faculty, and practitioners     

Current SIG goals:
1. Increase the number of research presentations related to LGBTQ issues at PAS 
2.  Conduct successful annual meeting at PAS 
3. Provide a forum and safe space for LGBTQ and allied members of the APA for networking and idea exchange

Annual summary:
This year the SIG met with the Division Directors SIG.  The agenda follows:    3:00 – 3:15:  Introductions and 3:15 -4:00:  Training Residents and Faculty on LGBTQ+ Health:  Introduction of a newly developed curriculum  4:00 - 4:45:  Strategies for Physician Leadership to create an equitable and inclusive environment for our LGBTQ+ workforce and patients (sample questions for discussion:  - Does your hospital have a non-discrimination policy that mentions both LGB and transgender individuals?  -Does your department have a non-discrimination policy that mentions both LGB and transgender individuals?  -Does your department/ division have a LGBTQ+ curriculum for residents and faculty development?  -Does your department/division have faculty who advocate for LGBTQ+ students, residents, and other faculty?   4:45 – 5:30:  EMR/Forms/Confidentiality:  What are the barriers?  How do we mitigate them?  5:30 -6:00 Updates from LGBTQ Health and Well Being SIG and Wrap Up  The meeting was attended by about 35 persons from both SIGS.     We also planned a social wine and cheese hour for Friday May 3.  This event was sparsely attended.  We plan to re-evaluate the social hour for future meetings.  




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