Why Join BORN

Why Join BORN

The potential of the BORN Network lies in you! The evidence for newborn care can only be developed with enrollment of a large, diverse, nationally representative sample of newborns. Your ideas, energy, and willingness to collect a small amount of data will set the national agenda, shape the practice of physicians, and ensure high quality care in newborn nurseries everywhere.

Incentives to Participate

Once you have joined the network, you will have the following opportunities to participate and contribute to furthering the evidence-base for newborn care:

  • Complete surveys on your current newborn practices that will allow us to understand the current state of newborn care in the US and link specific practices to outcomes.
  • Collect data on network research studies
  • Be elected to either the Research or Executive Committees of BORN and formulate the future of the network
  • Be elected as a managing director of BORN
  • Develop a research study for the BORN network to conduct
  • Be a principal investigator or co-investigator on BORN network studies
  • Provide comments on proposed, planned or ongoing research projects




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