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APA Focus
The Official Newsletter of the Academic Pediatric Association

Volume 54, Issue 3 July 2017
President's Message

Sue Bostwick

Finally getting through the post PAS whirlwind--what a combination of exhaustion and exhilaration! PAS was a packed meeting and it was great getting to see so many of our members there; presenting scholarship, collaborating, networking and mentoring.  The opportunities were wonderful, including our new Speed Learning Session at the Members’ Meeting and our interactive Presidential Plenary; spearheaded by Mary Ottolini.  Both sessions were a change from the past and we plan to continue to innovate.

As you know, the APA went through strategic planning last year. At PAS we promoted our new mission and vision as well as our goals.  Our Board, Region & SIG Chairs, Scholar Program Leaders and Staff are busy aligning our programs with our goals, determining new opportunities and building on our strengths.  We have two new working groups, Committee Chairs and Scholar Program Leaders (led by Mary Ottolini and Steve Selbst, respectively), bringing together these leaders to look at opportunities to learn from each other, streamline our processes as well as evaluate our structures for efficiencies and growth as we work towards our new goals.

In addition, another goal is to identify additional opportunities for membership engagement. Currently, Maryellen Gusic and Alison Holmes are leading a project to identify senior mentors for our SIGS, engaging our more seasoned leaders to support our programs and draw from their expertise.  We continue to look for opportunities to build the wonderful APA New Century Scholars program, led by Faye Jones and Rachel Thornton, and are hopeful that through more collaboration, we will be able to expand it further (we currently partner with ABP and APS to support this program) with increased opportunities for more residents to participate and for junior and senior mentors.

Lastly, to meet our new goals we continue to work on our communication and IT strategy (led by Nancy Kelly).  We look forward to enhancing membership engagement and education opportunities through increased communication and a new website and learning management system.

PAS is also working through a strategic planning process; with their draft currently up for review and comment.  We (led by Judy Shaw and Steve Selbst) look forward to continue working with the PAS management team and our partner organizations (APS-SPR and AAP) to strengthen the meeting and expand and improve opportunities for our members.   PAS is undergoing important growth that we are sure will lead to even more for our members. 

I am very excited as my term as APA President begins to move forward our strategic plan with our Board and the Degnon management team and to work with our collaborating organizations to advance our vision of a thriving academic pediatric community that ensures optimal health and well-being for all children, particularly those most vulnerable.  Through evaluating our current leadership and management structures, we hope to increase membership engagement, career development and efficiencies in order to grow and enhance our pediatric community.


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Workshop Chair's Message

We had a great PAS meeting in San Francisco this year and part of the credit for the success goes to the participation of our members in the workshop process.  Over 200 APA members were involved in the workshop reviews and/or as workshop leaders.  Eighty-two workshops were presented at the meeting, many of which were led or co-led by APA members.  Workshops continue to be very competitive and well received.

The call for workshops for the 2018 meeting in Toronto will go out in September.  Workshop proposals are due November 1st and notifications will go out in late December.  Please consider sharing your ideas and skills by submitting a proposal.  We are looking forward to another excellent program this year.

Thank you in advance to those who are submitting proposals and to those who have volunteered to review the proposals.  Your hard work and dedication to the PAS meeting and the workshop process are appreciated, and help make the meeting a member-driven success.

Have a great rest of the summer and think workshops!

Elisa Zenni
Workshop Chair

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APA New Members

Welcome to all of the new APA Members!

Nicola Brodie
Christie Bruno
Kaitlin Cockerell
John Cox
Danielle Cullen
Parimal Deodhar
Laura Edwards
Ezinne Emeruwa
Mariam Faiz-Nassar
Lindsay Fox
Elizabeth Friedman
Rakhi Gupta Basuray
Ashleigh Hall
Robert Harper
Melissa Holmes
Qadira Huff
Tiffani Johnson
Andrew Kiragu
Tina Kumra
Nicholas Kuzma

Kathryn Kyler
Brian Lee
Huay-ying Lo
Liza Mackintosh
Ralph Martello
Margaret Martin
Jaime McKinney
Timothy Menz
Tiffany Perkins
Rajyalakshmi Rambhatla
Emily Scott
Lauren Tucker
Jeanne Van Cleave
Ann Velie
Tara Venable
Navjyot Vidwan
Valencia Walker
Davene Wright
Christine Yankowski

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Core Activities
Academic General Pediatric Fellowship Accreditation Committee (AGPAC)

Academic General Pediatrics Accreditation Committee (AGPAC) - Paul Darden, Chair

The Academic General Pediatrics Accreditation Committee hosted the General Academic Pediatrics and Hospital Medicine Fellowship Conference, a pre-PAS meeting on May 4, 2017. This meeting was planned by committee members Melissa Klein and Marybeth Jones. Topics included a workshop on "Interviewing and Negotiation Strategies" moderated by Marybeth Jones and Teri Turner, "Works In Progress" moderated by Debra Bogan and Lou Bell, and a panel discussion "Building Your Academic Career: Critical Career Development Skills" with Julieanna Nichols, Joyee Vachani and Dan Coury. The conference was a great success, it was well attended with over 50 participants and had active participation. This conference is planned to repeat prior to next year's PAS, please encourage your fellows to attend.

AGPAC is planning to join the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) with the first match to occur in Fall of 2018 for Fellows beginning in July 2019. Those who can participate will be currently accredited programs.

AGPAC needs members. It is looking for educators and Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Directors to join the committee. There will be a solicitation going out on the listserv or feel free to contact Paul Darden for further information.

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Ongoing Studies
In May we launched our newest BORN-approved study: Management of Newborns with Lumbosacral Findings. This study aims to describe inter-observer agreement among practitioners who see newborns for routine care. This fun and interesting survey is open to ALL pediatricians, neonatologists, family physicians and nurse practitioners who are members of BORN, not just site leads. We've noticed great response rates from sites where the "main contact" highlights this survey to colleagues! We will be keeping this study active for a few more weeks, so if there is anyone at your site who may be interested in participating, but is not yet a member of BORN, they can simply contact

Data collection for Vitamin K Refusal study will concluded at the end of June, 2017. Thanks so much to all the nurseries that have submitted data so far! ~30 institutions have submitted data. Way to go BORN!

PAS Meeting
Co-Managing Director Jim Taylor concluded this year's annual meeting by declaring it the best yet! Highlights included:

  • Preliminary results from Jaspreet Loyal on the Vitamin K Project
  • Update from Sagori Mukhopadhyay on development of a follow-up comparative effectiveness study from 2015 sepsis survey
  • Deliberations of new proposals on hypoglycemia, car seat testing, brachial plexus injuries, and maternal marijuana use
  • The opportunity to network with a panel of experienced researchers: Iman Sharif and Paul Darden from APA CORNET, Karen Wilson from PRIS and APA Research Committee, and newborn researcher Ian Paul

Thank you for making the meeting a success!

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Dear APA Members,

CORNET has a few new updates to share with you!

Project Updates


Great news! The WE CARE proposal, which is a collaborative study including CORNET, PROS, and Arvin Garg, MD, MPH, as principal investigators, has been funded by NICHD.

Stay tuned for more details over the next several months.

Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Sexual Minority Youth: A Qualitative Investigation
PI: Lindsay Taliaferro, PhD, MPH
Dr. Taliaferro and her colleagues are working with CORNET to understand clinicians' needs related to healthcare for LGB adolescents. They are conducting semi-structured interviews to better understand physicians' and residents' knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and training needs related to working with sexual minority youth. Any primary care physician or medical resident who provides healthcare services to adolescents or young adults interested in participating may contact Holly at Participants' responses will remain confidential and participants will receive a $35 Amazon gift card.

In Progress:

Current Practices for Identifying and Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Continuity Clinic
PIs: Samantha Schilling, MD, MSHP, Marcia Morgenlander, MD, Mike Steiner, MD, MPH, Lynn Garfunkel, MD, & Janet Serwint, MD
This study seeks to provide an accurate picture of current screening practices in continuity clinics. The most effective means of addressing social determinants of health for pediatric patients will only be found if the role of primary care medical homes is critically evaluated. Pediatricians must determine how, when, and if screening should occur and whether interventions are effective. The PIs would like to drive this discussion with robust data from all continuity clinic sites in CORNET, not only the like-minded.

64 of CORNET's 158 resident continuity clinics have agreed to enter the study. We encourage you to consider participating as well! The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and each respondent will receive a $25 Amazon gift card as an acknowledgement for their time.

If your site is interested in participating, please provide the name and email address of each continuity clinic site director at your program to Holly at

National Immunization Partnership with the APA (NIPA)
PIs: Peter Szilagyi, MD, MPH, & Cynthia Rand, MD, MPH
This large-scale, quality improvement project coaches clinical sites through practice changes in order to increase adolescent HPV vaccination rates and limit missed opportunities for HPV vaccination at every clinic visit.

Faculty who meet minimum participation requirements will receive MOC 4 credit. Moreover, we are excited that we will be able to offer banked MOC credit for residents as well.

We are preparing abstracts based on Wave 1 and are finalizing data analysis of Wave 2. Wave 3 is currently in the implementation phase and will conclude September 2017. A fourth Wave is planned for 2018.

CORNET Presentations

CORNET members presented a workshop at the APA Region II/III Meeting on March 24th at NYU, entitled, "Partnering with parent navigators to meet your care coordination/PCMH needs and promote community-engaged research." The purpose of this workshop was to encourage collaboration between continuity clinics and local parent partners to advocate for and improve healthcare and health outcomes for children with special healthcare needs.

If you are interested in viewing the workshop materials and strengthening your clinic's parent partnerships, please contact CORNET's Research and Network Coordinator, Holly Tyrrell, at

CORNET Executive Committee

Do you know your Regional Research Chair?
Here is the current list of CORNET chairs by APA region. Please reach out to your local contact for any questions or research ideas. They would be happy to provide you with guidance and suggestions.

Region I: Mona Sharifi,
Region II: Allison Gorman,
Region III: Lucy Holmes,
Region IV: Mike Steiner,
Region V: Heather Burrows,
Region VI: Sue Heaney,
Region VII: Teresa Duryea,
Region VIII: Sharon Dabrow,
Region IX: Wendy Hobson-Rohrer,
Region X: Annika Hofstetter,

If you would like to receive more updates on projects, presentations, and other network activities, please consider enrolling in the CORNET listserv.

Resident continuity clinics interested in network membership, can visit CORNET's webpage for more information.

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Educational Scholars Program

Melissa Klein, MD MEd, has become the new Director of the Educational Scholars Program! Melissa, an ESP Cohort 2 graduate, is Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Our Past Director, Connie Baldwin, will share leadership roles in the coming year, while Melissa learns how our program operates.

We have many exciting plans for expanding the activities of the program, particularly in the area of educational research collaborations. We plan to create an educational scholars network to help current scholars and alumni connect around various aspects of educational scholarship. In addition, we are considering offering educational consultations to future applicants who are developing ESP project proposals. We believe this will give our scholars a head start on planning a high quality project with excellent prospects for completion within 3 years of program enrollment. We also planning several ESP-sponsored workshops on educational scholarship, to create a more fertile ground for academic excellence across the pediatric educational community. We believe that these additions will make the ESP more rewarding for scholars, alumni and faculty.

The ESP's next recruitment year will be 2018. The application website will open on June 1, 2018, and the deadline for completion will be September 1. In the future, our recruitment cycles will occur every 3 years, instead of in 2 out of 3 years, and we will accept 30 scholars in a single cohort, rather than 25 scholars in each of 2 simultaneous cohorts. Even though scholar numbers will be reduced, we will be expanding faculty participation with more opportunities for mentoring/advising, teaching and program-related research.

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I-PASS Updates
The I-PASS Executive Council is pleased to report the following updates:

  • Dr. Katherine Brunsberg presented the "Association of resident depression with harmful medical errors" poster at the Association of Pediatric Program Directors Annual Spring Meeting on April, 2017; Anaheim, CA.

  • Dr. Maitreya Coffey and Lennox Huang published an article titled "A single-centre hospital-wide handoff standardization report: what is so special about that?" in the BMJ Quality & Safety Journal on April 21, 2017.

  • Dr. Sharon Calaman delivered the "Simulation Integrated into Educational Research - the I-PASS Experience" at the Academic Pediatric Association Simulation-based Medical Education Meeting on May 6,2017; San Francisco, CA.

  • Dr. Maitreya Coffey et al. published an article titled "Resident Experiences with Implementation of the I-PASS Handoff Bundle" in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education on June 2017.

  • Finally, we are also thrilled to share that on April 4, 2017 the I-PASS Study Group was the national level recipient of the 2016 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award. This prestigious award is presented annually by The Joint Commission and the National Quality Forum (NQF) to recognize significant contributions to improve patient safety and quality of care.

An additional benefit of receiving the award was the opportunity to publish an article describing the work of the I-PASS Study Group to date, "Integrating Research, Quality Improvement, and Medical Education for Better Handoffs and Safer Care: Disseminating, Adapting, and Implementing the I-PASS Program", in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. We are extremely honored to receive this award and are incredibly grateful to all our of Study group members for their tireless work and dedication to improve patient safety.

We look forward to sharing additional updates in the upcoming quarter.

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Region IV

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Special Interest Groups
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

The Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics SIG met at the PAS meeting in San Francisco on Tuesday, May 9.  Our main speaker at the SIG was Jenny Radesky, MD from the University of Michigan who spoke on the Developmental Behavioral Basis of the New AAP Guidelines on Early Childhood Media Use.  The session focused on the use of media from birth to age 6 years and its relationship to early childhood development. Earlier studies were limited to television viewing, but with the explosion of different media platforms and the portability of such devices, young children now have ready access to multiple devices throughout their day.  Diane Langkamp facilitated the discussion and a brief business meeting.  Katherine Zuckerman agreed to begin a 3-year term as co-chair and we will be looking for another co-chair to start a 3-year term in 2018.

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Medical Student Education (MSE) and Teaching in Community Settings (TCS)

The Medical Student Education SIG is a dedicated home for all interested in medical student education. The SIG disseminates information to members for faculty and career development, and it partners with other organizations to enhance approaches to education and training. At our 2017 SIG Session, we combined with the Qualitative Research SIG to discuss qualitative research methodologies and how they might be used in the context of medical student education to promote scholarship.

Mary Rocha from Baylor, Maribeth Chitkara from Stony Brook Children's, and Jean Petershack from UT San Antonio are the current co-chairs of the SIG. In the fall, we will begin planning for PAS 2018 in Toronto, and as always will remain open to ideas for topics and session content.

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Pediatric Tobacco Issues

Jyothi and I were excited to welcome so many people to the 2017 PAS Pediatric Tobacco Issues Special Issues Group (SIG) Session in San Francisco. We want to thank our speakers as we had an amazing lineup and a summary is below. We are grateful they have all given permission to have copies of their slides on the Pediatric Tobacco Issues homepage on the APA website at
Robert McMillen, PhD presented "Using Databases in Tobacco Research" which was a fantastic review of the various databases that have tobacco related data which include:

1) Survey data

  • Social Climate Survey of Tobacco Control
  • Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey
  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  • National Health Interview Survey
  • National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
  • Adult Tobacco Survey
  • The Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH)
  • Youth Tobacco Survey
  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey

2) Administrative Records

  • Per Capita Sales
  • Sales Tax Revenue
  • Hospital Admission Data
  • Medicaid Expenditures
  • Gaming Revenue and Employment Data
  • State Funding for Tobacco Control
  • Legislation Tracking

3) Social media including Twitter and YouTube

Philip Gardiner, Dr. P.H. presented "What's Menthol Got To Do With It? Everything!" and reviewed the overwhelming evidence of systemic predatory marking to the African American community by tobacco companies, particularly as related to menthol cigarettes. Despite smoking fewer cigarettes and smoking later in life, health outcomes for smoking-related diseases are markedly worse in the African American community. Dr. Gardiner has been a tireless advocate and recommended enacting local laws to restrict the sale of menthol. If menthol were banned, 100,000s of lives would be saved.

Stan Glantz, PhD spoke on "Smoke Free Movies" and gave the history of how tobacco companies used cross-promotion and product placement to promote smoking in movies. He presented compelling data that smoking in movies promotes teen smoking and the importance of changing the rating system so movies that show smoking will automatically receive an R rating. This would be estimated to save 1 million lives. Dr. Glantz has spent his career using data to advocate for restrictions on media depictions of smoking. For more information, see

Lastly, the APA Tobacco Issues SIG is fortunate to have a strong partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence and the AAP Section of Tobacco Control. We were thus pleased to have Julie Gorzkowski, MSW, Director of Tobacco Control speak on the AAP's strategic priorities and efforts.

SIG members brainstormed ideas for next year and there was a strong sense that we should recruit more trainees to the session. Topics and ideas for next year's session Tobacco Issues SIG session included:

  • Non-cigarette tobacco products that target youth (cigars and cigarillos)
  • Hookah
  • Greater medical student, resident and fellow involvement
    • Have resident focused presentations on research and advocacy efforts
    • Recruit through the APPD or AAP Section of Tobacco Control
    • Consider competition with award

  • History of the Tobacco Industry
  • Thirdhand smoke
  • Legal issues around e-cig regulation and regulation issues

Please join us in Toronto in 2018 at PAS for what will be an exciting Pediatric Tobacco Issues Special Interest Group session!

Your co-chairs,
Jyothi Marbin, MD, FAAP at
Susan Walley, MD, CTTS, FAPP at

Susan Walley, MD, CTTS, FAAP
University of Alabama at Birmingham/Children's of Alabama
1600 7th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone: (205-638-9921

Jyothi Marbin, MD, FAAP
University of California San Francisco at San Francisco General Hospital
1001 Potrero Ave
San Francisco CA 94110

Teaching in Community Settings

At the PAS meeting in San Francisco, our joint workshop with the Obesity SIG focused on sharing strategies and approaches to teach obesity prevention to learners at all points along the spectrum of pediatric education.  A rich dialogue developed among audience members and panelists with expertise in programs for teaching obesity prevention and treatment as we discussed motivational interviewing and other strategies that have proven successful in the education of medical students, residents, and attending physicians. We look forward to new collaborative presentations with other SIGs at future PAS meetings.

With this issue, we bid farewell to our outgoing SIG co-chair and founder Chris Peltier and thank him for his energetic and insightful guidance since the inception of our group.  We welcome our new co-chair Megan Cardoso, a community-based hospitalist at Tufts Medical Center, as we look to expand our focus to include preceptors in community-based hospitalist and newborn nursery programs.  As our interests and membership develop, we have created a needs assessment survey for our membership.  All members should have received this survey by email.  Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey, so we may know better those whom we represent and the most pressing interests, challenges, and needs of our membership.  Thank you very much for your participation.

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Academic Pediatrics Journal Updates

Congratulations to the official APA journal Academic Pediatrics on an increased impact factor to 2.72, the highest ever for the long-running publication!  Impact factor is largely determined by how often articles published in the past two years have been cited, which emphasizes the ever increasing quality of work coming from pediatric researchers.   The quantity of research manuscript submissions has also increased, and for that reason the journal now publishes 8 issues per year.  Since the redesign of the journal’s website,, the number of full text downloads has risen to about 200,000 annually.  Especially popular have been the supplements, which feature national experts summarizing and analyzing the state of research on a particular topic.  Look out for two such supplements coming this year:  one on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and another on improving HPV vaccination rates. Overall, the journal represents a strong platform for communicating novel insights related to clinical, educational, quality improvement, and health service research.  APA members are encouraged to consider submitting their academic work to this continually improving journal!

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