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APA Focus
The Official Newsletter of the Academic Pediatric Association

Volume 53, Issue 2 April 2016
PHM 2015
President's Message


Mary, Mark and I have had the opportunity to attend all of the spring regional meetings over the last few months. These meetings continue to be such vibrant gatherings for our members and for students, residents and fellows. For many learners, this is the first introduction to our organization and is an important "first step" in their engagement with a broad community of pediatric scholars. This fact is not lost on our region chairs who design agendas that encourage presentations by learners and that provide time and space for formal mentoring and informal networking to occur. The scholarship presented at these meetings highlights our members' commitment to enhancing child health through advancing education, discovery, care delivery and advocacy/health policy. On behalf of Mark and Mary, thank you for inviting us to learn with you at the Regional meetings!

As you prepare for the PAS meeting, I ask you to think about how we can continue to welcome new and potential future members to become involved in the APA. Before you go, please take time to orient learners or faculty who are attending for the first time, to the meeting. Review the program with them and help them to plan key sessions to attend for their own professional development and to make important connections with other members. Once there, invite them to join you in attending committee and SIG meetings, receptions and of course, the regional breakfasts. Serve as a sponsor, introducing them to your friends and colleagues at workshops, platform and poster sessions and help to identify opportunities for them to participate in APA core programs and in new initiatives being planned by members. Learn together at invited science and plenary sessions. If you meet someone who is not a member, share what the APA has meant to you and invite them to join.  After the meeting, continue to serve as a mentor by helping learners and your faculty colleagues plan what they will submit to present at both the regional meeting and at next year's PAS. Serve as a coach by working with more junior colleagues to submit and present together next year.

Thank you for all that you do as a mentor, peer mentor, coach and sponsor. This commitment from, and between, our members is truly one of the richest benefits of membership in the APA.

See you all soon in Baltimore!

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APA New Members

Welcome to all of the new APA Members!

Philip Abraham
Sari Bar
Michelle Barajaz
Rebecca Carlin
Fredrick Dapaah-Siakwan
Samrat Das
Justin Davis
Jonathan Farkas
Kevin Fiori
Eduardo Fox
Laura Hart
Lauren Helms
David Hersh
MacKenzi Hillard
Ramya Keshavaram
Renee Kinman
Blair Limm
Dipti Mirchandani
Kimberly O'Hara
Bridget Oliveri
Uche Onyewuchi
Sudha Parashar
Jillian Parekh
Victoria Parente
Kamakshya Patra
Rebecca Perin
Amanda Rogers
Abigail Schuh
Rebecca Seltzer
Jessica Simkins
Jennifer Stiff
Kate Wallis
Yukiko Washio
Niran Wijesooriya
Suzanne Woods

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Upcoming Conferences

APA Regional Meetings

APA Region VI
September 30, 2016
St. Louis, MO

2016 APA Pediatric Academic Generalist & Hospital Medicine Fellows' Conference

Negotiating the Academic Waters: Building a successful career from fellowship to faculty

We are seeking fellows, particularly those from APA-accredited Academic General Pediatric (AGP) fellowships for a half day national fellows' conference on Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Baltimore, MD (immediately before the PAS meeting). This conference is designed for all pediatric fellows interested in enhancing their academic career skills and building strong collaborative networks with other academic fellows and faculty. We also encourage allprogram directors, associate program directors or other leaders to attend the conference and serve as facilitators for the learning and feedback sessions.

See registration packet for details.There is no registration fee for this conference as it is hosted by the APA's Education Committee through the Academic General Pediatrics Accreditation Committee (AGPAC). All trainees who are fellows within APA accredited training programs will receive a $200 voucher at the meeting to offset the hotel costs of attending the meeting.

APA Quality Improvement Research Conference
OI 2016

6th Annual Advancing Quality Improvement Science for Children's Health Care Research Conference
April 29, 2016
Hilton Baltimore
Baltimore, MD

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2016
PAS 2016

Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2016
April 30 - May 3, 2016
Baltimore, MD

2016 Pediatric Hospital Medicine
PHM 2016

2016 Pediatric Hospital Medicine
July 28 - 31, 2016
Hilton Baltimore
Baltimore, MD

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Education Committee

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10th Anniversary Celebration for the
Educational Scholars Program!

We are excited to announce that the Educational Scholars Program is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year during the PAS 2016 meeting in Baltimore! The celebration will allow us to reflect on the past and take pride in the many accomplishments of the program, as well as think about the future of the ESP.

At the event we will celebrate former and current scholars, faculty, local and national mentors, program leaders and institutional partners. Current APA President and former ESP co-director Maryellen Gusic will give the keynote address. True to our ESP mission, there will be plenty of time for networking.

Planning Committee Co-Chairs Melissa Klein and Barry Solomon have engaged an enthusiastic group of ESP graduates from all our past ESP cohorts to make the event special for everyone. We look forward to celebrating this important milestone together! Please see attached infographic for details regarding the event. It is at the Baltimore Hilton on Sunday from 6-830 PM.

A Quick Glimpse at our History. The ESP was founded in 2006, when it was built within the APA as a successor to an earlier National Faculty Development Scholars Program, led by Lucy Osborn. Beginning in 2003, educators in the APA who had participated in the earlier program conducted an intensive, grass-roots planning process for a new faculty development program, which became the Educational Scholars Program. The founding director, Connie Baldwin, led this development effort in her roles as Chair on the APA Faculty Development Special Interest Group, and then APA Education Chair. The ESP was approved by the APA Board in 2005. ESP faculty were recruited from the large pool of educators in the APA. As of 2016, we have enrolled 171 scholars and have so far graduated 77 from Cohorts 1-5. The program currently includes 49 active scholars and 51 faculty.

New Cohort of Scholars Joins the ESP in 2016. Cohort 8 includes 26 scholars, whom we are anxious to meet in person on April 29 in Baltimore. This year, we have created a new ESP Launch activity to jump start the cohort's participation in the program. They are doing a scavenger hunt on the APA-ESP Portal (our Moodle-based program management platform), as well as conducting a literature search related to their project and refining their project plans in preparation of discussion and feedback in small groups on ESP Day. Hans Kersten is the leader of this cohort and in this role has joined the ESP Executive Committee.

New Crop of ESP Graduates. Cohort 6 scholars are working hard to complete graduation requirements for receipt of their Certificate of Excellence in Educational Scholarship on May 1. The graduation will take place during the anniversary celebration. The focus of these scholars' projects ranges widely, including teaching family centered rounds, EBM, interprofessional teamwork, professionalism, child advocacy, and resuscitation skills. We are proud of our scholars' excellent work and creative contributions to pediatric education!
For more information on the ESP curriculum and other program activities, go to

APA Awards
Miller Sarkin Mentoring Award
The 2016 APA Miller Sarkin Mentoring Award will be presented to Paul Young, professor of pediatrics at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Dr. Young has had many educational leadership roles throughout his career including General Pediatrics Clinical Research Fellowship Director and Director of the Division of General Pediatrics. He has served as a mentor for over 30 pediatrics faculty at Utah and is now a senior mentor in the Vice President's Clinical and Translational Research Scholar program. His style of mentoring has been extremely successful locally, regionally and nationally. Please join us in congratulating Paul on his receiving the Miller Sarkin Mentoring Award which will be presented at the APA Membership Meeting.

APA Teaching Program Award:
The 2016 APA teaching program award will be presented to Educational Scholars Program (Director Constance "Connie" Baldwin)

This program is a national 3-year faculty development program which has provided an excellent base for scholarly achievement and career advancement for its scholars. It now includes nearly 150 participants that come from all over the United States and have gone on to be leaders in Pediatric Education not only at their own institutions but at state, regional and national levels. In addition, the ESP has also created a model for faculty development which has been emulated in the development of programs such as the Research Scholars Program, the LEAD program for leadership development of program directors and the Society of Hospital Medicine's APEX program for hospitalist educators.

Comments from the committee included: "A faculty development model with indirect but profound impact on student and graduate learners."

"The biggest innovation for this program is the breadth that it has been able to have due to its strong affiliations and forward thinking creators who have found ways to grow, tweak and keep vital the teaching and topics while also keeping it as a self-sustaining program of excellent national caliber."

"If this program continues and maintains the high standards it has started with, it stands to put Pediatrics in an on-going position at the forefront of excellence in medical education and scholarly work with faculty trained in this program literally all across the country."

Congratulations to the Educational Scholars Program and a very happy 10th Anniversary to you as well!!

APA Faculty Teaching Awards
Junior Faculty Teaching Award
Michael S. Ryan, MD, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Assistant Dean for Clinical Medical Education
VCU School of Medicine
Michael Ryan, the recipient of the 2016 APA Teaching Award for Junior Faculty is a caring and humble clinical teacher who goes out of his way to help a learner. He is an outstanding role model As stated by one of his students, "He has an open door policy and I have never seen him turn a student away no matter what he is working on or how busy he is." Michael has found a way to unify his three career passions: art, sports, and punk rock into the best career possible, medical education. Michael is very involved in teaching at the VCU School of Medicine (Assistant Dean for Clinical Medical Education, former clerkship director, medical education track director for pediatric hospital medicine fellows). He is also active at the national level and serves as the team leader for the AAMC CEPAER Pilot Project which is focused on developing instruction and assessment for the Core EPAs for entering residency.

Mid-level Faculty Teaching Award
Melissa D. Klein, MD, MEd
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Director, General Pediatric Master Educator Fellowship
Co-director, University of Cincinnati Masters of Education Program
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Melissa's passion for teaching began in grade school and she has consistently been recognized for her stellar teaching skills. She is a patient-centered teacher and actively pursues teachable moments with her learners. One of her trainees stated, "Whenever Dr. Klein is in clinic, I know the first thing she is going to ask when I come out of the room is what did we learn from the patient." She has committed her scholarly career to educating others about the impact of the social determinants of health on children. Her passion for this topic continues at a national level as a part of her work on the APA's task force on child poverty. At Cincinnati Children's Hospital, she directs many of the educational activities for general pediatrics and has created one of the first General Pediatric Master Educator Fellowship training programs while also working as the co-director for the University of Cincinnati Masters of Education program. She was a graduate of the first cohort of faculty scholars from the APA Educational Scholars Program. She currently serves as an Associate Editor for Academic Pediatrics.

Thanks to Drs Janet Crow, Teri Turner, Mimi Baron and Lyuba Konopasek for their leadership in the awards selection committees and to all the volunteer members of the review teams.

Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Accreditation Committee
The Academic General Pediatric Accreditation Committee will be hosting a half-day conference on Thursday, April 28th from 1:30 to 7:00 PM entitled "Negotiating the Academic Waters: Building a successful career from fellowship to faculty." This conference is open to residents, fellows and junior faculty interested in Academic Generalist or Hospital Medicine careers. The conference will be held at the Baltimore Hilton and is free of charge. You do not have to be associated with an APA accredited fellowship training program to attend. The purpose of the conference is to create a gathering of the national community of generalist fellows and faculty of the APA. We aim to build camaraderie across programs, provide valuable networking opportunities, offer high caliber workshops, and provide a forum in which fellows can share and receive constructive feedback on their scholarly works in progress. See the attached brochure for details. Although the registration deadline has passed, if you, or someone else you know, is interested in attending, please contact Teri Turner, MD, MPH, MEd at

The AGPAC committee would like to acknowledge the support and collaboration of members of the Academic Fellows SIG. Under the leadership of Marybeth Jones, MD (a member of both the AGPAC and Academic Fellows SIG) a needs assessment was developed and distributed to the fellows which guided the content of the conference above. Not only are academic fellows part of the conference planning committee but they will also be presenting. Additionally, based on a recommendation by the Academic Fellows SIG, a link to the APA Fellowship Page was added to the American Academy of Pediatrics Resident and Fellowship Trainees Webpage. This will allow residents to learn about opportunities for Academic General Pediatric and Hospital Medicine Fellowships and the various institutions which host training programs.

The committee would also like to announce the accreditation of the University of Minnesota Interdisciplinary Research Training in Child and Adolescent Primary Care as the sixteenth fellowship training program to be accredited by the Academic Pediatric Association. The program is led by Ivor Borowsky, MD, PhD.

Respectfully submitted
Latha Chandran MD, MPH
APA Education Committee Chair.

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Healthcare Delivery Committee

News from the Healthcare Delivery Committee

Amid the continuing policy and financing changes affecting pediatric health care delivery, lies opportunity and innovation.  The APA is finding it's particular "niche" to maximally contribute to the health of children by supporting its members in general and subspecialty academic pediatrics.  For the Health Care Delivery Committee, much of that activity has focused on quality measurement and improvement.  As an organization, we are fully engaged in national initiatives by the National Quality Forum to expand and improve the measurement of pediatric care quality.  As importantly, we continue to develop opportunities to help our members build careers in quality improvement and related academic activities.

Here are some highlights of 2015-16:

  • QI Science Course- come one come all! The one-day course on Quality Improvement Science, will be held on April 29th in conjunction with PAS. It is now in its 6th year, and continues to attract faculty from many of our institutions, particularly those new to quality measurement and improvement and who seek to make both operational contributions to their programs and academic contributions to the field.  Registration is still open!

  • APA Scholars Program!  The new APA Quality Scholars Program has been an idea for several years, but is now being launched in 2016-17, under the leadership of Dan Hyman (Colorado) and Shawn Ralston (Dartmouth).   More information will be coming soon about the amazing faculty, innovative curriculum, and networking opportunities of this program.  Applications will be accepted starting in late fall 2016.

  • Quality measurement and NQF engagement.  The APA has been at the forefront of ensuring that new quality measurement activities promote improved child health. Several APA members served on the multistakeholder committee recently convened by the National Quality Forum to evaluate newly developed new pediatric quality measures.  Most measures were developed by Centers of the ARHQ-CMS Pediatric Quality Measurement Program (the majority of which are led by active APA members).  15 of 24 measures were supported by the committee and have progressed to voting by NQF member organizations (including the APA). 

  • Continuing the work of the APA Poverty Task Force.  The Health Care Delivery Committee is fully committed to contributing to the APA's sustained focus on improving health for children in poverty.  This year at PAS, we are particularly pleased to sponsor a Topic Symposium that will showcase Innovations in Primary Care for Children Living in Poverty.  Please join us on Sunday, May 1, 10:30-12:30 (Baltimore Convention Center 308) for a stimulating session showcasing evidence-based, effective models of care.

The Health Care Delivery Committee welcomes new members, and will have its annual committee meeting at PAS on Sunday, May 1 from 12:45-2:00 at the Hilton Hotel (this is a change from the original program). We hope to see you there!  Please direct questions before, during, or after to Jon Finkelstein (

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Core Activities
Academic Pediatrics Journal Updates

New Website Design
Things are changing at! The website has received a sleek design makeover to allow easier navigation through the content of the APA's flagship journal. On the main page the first thing visitors will notice is the revolving carousel, which pulls images from some of the articles in each journal issue to add visual impact. A new featured Perspective article, which is a solicited review of key topics in pediatrics, will be highlighted each month. Also featured on a rotating basis will be the in-depth Supplements, such as the one on Child Poverty. We're also pleased to showcase an expanding collection of videos on the website. The latest video presents Dr. Melissa Klein and Dr. Andrew Beck from Cincinnati Children's discussing their article on the importance of social risk assessment. Finally, the main page includes a direct link to the APA's twitter feed. Join the conversation about thought-provoking articles or comment on the new website changes by tweeting @AcademicPeds and using the hashtag #acadpedjnl.
Questions? If you're publishing an article in the journal and want to include video or online-content, contact the journal Web Editor, Dr. Margaret Trost, at

Supplement on Child Poverty
We're very excited about the upcoming Supplement on Child Poverty, with guest editors Benard Dreyer, Paul Chung and Shale Wong. Please read this supplement cover to cover because it contains an invaluable collection of articles by some of the best leaders in the field. An Executive summary, written by the guest editors and Peter Szilagyi summarizes the papers. The next section includes insightful commentaries by some of the top leaders in the field. Then you will see 4 sections that cover some of the critical aspects of child poverty: Child Poverty- Destruction of the Nation's Human Capital, Who is Poor, International Child Poverty Interventions, and Child Poverty Interventions in the US. There will also be an accompanying Policy Brief. We feel this Supplement will become an important reference and rallying cry for individuals or groups interested in addressing this critical child health issue. Of note, this supplement is being published shortly after the AAP released its Policy Statement on Poverty and Child Health in the United States--another must-read.

New Sections
Two new sections in the journal offer authors new venues to connect with our readers. The first--Ideas and Innovations--allow authors to break away from traditional formats and propose innovative ideas meant to influence pediatric healthcare delivery, education, research, or public policy. The second--Progress Reports--calls on past authors to revisit their publications in Academic Pediatrics and provide an update on their field as it moves forward in terms of what has been published since and where it now needs to go.

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BORN: Join Us In Baltimore!

View PDF Verison

BORN Pre-PAS Network Meeting:
Friday, April 29th 1:30-5:00 pm
RSVP by emailing Beth King,

Bring your study ideas!
BORN members are welcome to submit a study idea to discuss at the meeting. Time can be set aside to provide feedback, make connections, and help you decide if you want to further develop your idea into a formal research proposal. If you have an idea for the perfect newborn nursery study, send a brief (1 pg max) summary including your name, institution, background, significance and study design to by April 1st.

BORN Platform Presentations
Abstracts for both our NAS and sepsis survey studies were accepted for platform presentations at PAS. Thank you to our members for making these projects a success!

Variation in Care for NAS is Common among BORN Nurseries
Presenting Author: Deb Bogen
Platform Session 2160
Sunday, May 1, 2016 8:00AM
Baltimore Convention Center Room 318-320

Variation in Early Onset Sepsis Evaluation across a National Network of Newborn Nurseries
Presenting Author: Sagori Mukhopadhyay
Platform Session 2720A
Sunday, May 1, 2016 3:30PM
Baltimore Convention Center Room 321-323

Other Newborn Nursery Research:
Session 1045A: Bilirubin Club; Sat 4/30 7-9AM
Workshop Session 1256: Clinical Breastfeeding Medicine for the Busy Academic Pediatrician; Sat 4/30 8:30-11:30AM
Workshop Session 1792: Planning and Successfully Executing a Patient-Centered Research Project; Sat 4/30 3-5PM
Symposium 4570: The Late Preterm Infant: Problems and the Pediatricians Predicament; Tue 5/3 12:15-2:15PM

Newborn Nursery SIG:
Mon 5/2 8:30-11:30AM Baltimore Convention Center Room 350

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Dear CORNET Members,

We wanted to share with you what is new within CORNET. 

Project Updates

In Progress: National Immunization Partnership with the APA (NIPA)
This large-scale quality improvement project coaches clinical sites through practice changes so as to increase adolescent HPV vaccination rates and limit missed opportunities for HPV vaccination at every clinic visit. 

Faculty who meet minimum participation requirements will receive MOC 4 credit.  Moreover we are excited that we will be able to offer banked MOC credit for residents as well.

We are nearing completion of the data collection process with our sites participating in Wave 1 and expect to initiate Wave 2 of this project with May orientation calls and data collection.  We have not yet completed recruitment of practices for Wave 2.  If your site is interested in joining, please contact Holly Tyrrell at for details.

In Progress: Preventive Services Improvement Project - State Spread (PreSIPS2)
A quality improvement initiative based on Bright Futures to improve the preventive health outcomes of young children is underway.  Four Continuity Clinics have been recruited by CORNET to participate in this collaborative project with AAP State Chapters.  Measurement-based preventive services, implemented by faculty and residents in continuity clinics, are the key to the "future" of Bright Futures and incorporation in community practices as our residents transition into their professional careers.

Completed Project: The National Partnership for Adolescent Immunization (NPAI) project has been completed.   Data from this study will be presented at PAS (See below).  We anticipate 3 manuscripts from this project and they are in preparation.

Thanks to participating sites and faculty:

  • University of Utah - Joni Hemond
  • University of South Florida - Tracy Burton, Sharon Dabrow
  • New York Medical College - Terry Hetzler, Vicki Iannoti
  • Baylor College of Medicine - Jan Drutz, Teresa Duryea
  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - Kim Gifford, Sam Martin
  • Medical University of South Carolina - Kristina Gustafson, James Roberts
  • University of Oklahoma - Monique Naifeh, Mark Pogemiller
  • University of Southern California - Rukmani Vasan, Jennifer Saenz
  • University of Louisville - Melissa Hancock, Jeff Meyer
  • Helen DeVos Children's Hospital - William Stratbucker
  • Dayton Children's Medical Center - Maria Nanagas, Melissa King, Ilona Albrecht
  • University of Toledo - Mary Beth Wroblewski, Joyce Bevington
  • Duke University Medical Center - Melissa Deimling, Richard Chung

New Publication:
A new manuscript, based on the Secondary Sexual Characteristics in Boys (SSCIB) study, entitled Timing of Puberty in Overweight Versus Obese Boys, was published in Pediatrics and an accompanying article was posted in AAP News.

Both can be viewed here:

If your site participated in this project, please be sure to put the following on your CV:

Lee, J.M., Wasserman, R., Kaciroti, N., Gebremariam, A., Steffes, J., Dowshen, S., Harris, D., Serwint, J., Abney, D., Smitherman, L., Reiter, E., Herman-Giddens, M.E. Timing of Puberty in Overweight Versus Obese Boys. Pediatrics. 2016; 127:320150164.

You can list this on your CV under a heading that includes multi-site studies.  Thank you to all who contributed!

PAS Events
Please join CORNET at PAS in Baltimore, Maryland
CORNET Members Meeting - Sunday, May 1 - 9:00-11:00am
Hilton Baltimore Hotel, Holiday Ballroom 5.
We will be updating our members (and new interested programs) on our current and future studies.  We will also be updating members on some changes in CORNET this year and are always eager to hear new ideas. Please come by and say hello.

We are excited to share that CORNET is part of 2 platform presentations, 2 poster presentations, and 2 workshops this year!  Please join us!

Platform Presentations

Pediatric Resident Involvement in a National Quality Improvement (QI) Project in their Continuity Site: A CORNET Study
General Pediatrics & Preventive Pediatrics: Immunizations - Monday, May 2 - 3:30-5:30pm
J R Serwint, C Albertin, P M Darden, N Dhepyasuwan, S G Humiston, K Mann, C M Rand, S J Schaffer, W Stratbucker, P G Szilagyi

National Multisite Quality Improvement (QI) of HPV Vaccination Opportunities Through Standing Order (SO) Implementation: A CORNET (Continuity Research Network) Study
General Pediatrics & Preventive Pediatrics: Immunizations - Monday, May 2 - 3:30-5:30pm
W Stratbucker, J Serwint, P Darden, N Dhepyasuwan, C Albertin, A Blumkin, C Rand, S Schaffer, K Mann, S Humiston, P Szilagyi

Poster Presentations

Provider Prompts to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates within the Continuity Research Network (CORNET)
Immunization Delivery - Sunday, May 1 - 10:30am-12:30pm
C M Rand, S J Schaffer, N Dhepyasuwan, A Blumkin, C Albertin, J R Serwint, P Darden, S G Humiston, K Mann, W Stratbucker, P G Szilagyi

Perceived Benefits of Resident Involvement in a National Quality Improvement (QI) Initiative on Improving HPV Vaccine: The Faculty (Site Director) Perspective, a CORNET Study
General Pediatrics & Preventive Pediatrics: Immunizations II - Monday, May 2 - 5:45-7:30pm
J R Serwint, C Albertin, N Dhepyasuwan, P M Darden, W Stratbucker, A Blumkin, S G Humiston, K J Mann, C M Rand, S J Schaffer, P G Szilagyi


ACEing ACES in Continuity Clinic: How to Identify and Address Social Determinants of Health and Adverse Childhood Experiences
Saturday, April 30 - 8:30-11:30am
M J Steiner, S Schilling, J R Serwint, M Morreale, R C Samuels, L Garfunkel, S Dabrow, J Kaczorowski

Teaching the Change You Want to See: Involving Pediatric Residents in QI in Continuity Clinic Using Adolescent Immunization as a Template
Sunday, May 1 - 12:00-3:00pm
S Humiston, P M Darden, J Shaw, P Szilagyi, C M Rand, S Schaffer, J R Serwint, W Stratbucker

CORNET Transitions

Region Research Chair Recruitment
We are seeking APA CORNET members from Region I and Region X to serve as members of the CORNET Executive Committee in the role as Region Research Chairs.  As a member of this Committee, you will benefit by learning from others, improved networking while making new friends and professional contacts, and developing opportunities for collaborative research.  This is a great way to add "national contributions" to your CV.

The CORNET Executive Committee will consider the materials from all interested applicants for this position.

The Role of a CORNET Regional Research Chair is to:

  • Facilitate communication among the Region's CORNET member sites and direct information to and from the Executive Committee.
    • Set up a regional email listserv and/or make periodic phone calls to regional training programs.
    • Provide communication at least quarterly with regional sites.
    • Represent and present updates about CORNET at Regional APA meetings.  Materials can be obtained from the Network Director or Coordinator.
  • Solicit additional institutions/practices within their region to participate in CORNET.
  • Solicit and help generate research study ideas from regional practices.
  • Communication with regional practices about upcoming research studies and recruit interested practice sites.
  • Assist participating practices whenever possible in the implementation of research studies through mentoring.
  • Help maintain regional lists of programs.
  • Advise on possible funding opportunities.
  • Attend the annual 1½ day national CORNET planning meeting following the PAS meeting.  We have been able to provide 1 night's hotel accommodation for this purpose; however, transportation must be available through the member's own institution.

To apply, please submit your name, CV, and a brief summary describing your interest in serving on the CORNET Executive Committee as a Regional Research Chair to

Do you know your Regional Research Chair?
Here is the current list of CORNET chairs by APA region.  Please reach out to your local contact for any questions or research ideas.  They would be happy to provide you with guidance and suggestions.

Region I: To be filled
Region II: Allison Gorman,
Region III: Lynn Garfunkel,
Region IV: Mike Steiner,
Region V: Heather Burrows,
Region VI: Sue Heaney,
Region VII: Teresa Duryea,
Region VIII: Sharon Dabrow,
Region IX: Wendy Hobson-Rohrer,
Region X: To be filled

A Letter from our CORNET Research Coordinator, Nui Dhepyasuwan

Hi Everyone,

I wish I could do this in person, but this is the best way to reach all of you. I wanted to let you all know that I am leaving APA CORNET. I'm excited to pursue an opportunity where I will take on an advanced role as a Director of Research and Quality Programs at The Uro-Gynecologic Society. I am so grateful that I can utilize my years of experience in research in working with you within CORNET and grow my expertise in another capacity. Please know that this was NOT an easy decision to make as I have enjoyed my time with CORNET and I treasure having had the opportunity to work with all of you.

Without such a positive group of people behind me (all of you), I wouldn't be where I am today. All of your passion and volunteerism in 'continuity' became my passion for the last 10 years. Thank you all for your support and encouragement that you have provided me during my time with CORNET. I may not work in the same office as all of you, but I truly appreciated and enjoyed all the correspondences from afar. I enjoyed the time on conference calls, working with all of you on various tasks, and accomplishing the important research projects, workshops and manuscripts that we produced as a team. Seeing the camaraderie in CORNET and how it all comes together is truly something that has inspired me.

My last day was March 10th. If possible, I do plan on attending PAS to say goodbye as you all mean a lot to me and I hope we can keep in touch. Again, thanks so much for everything. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.


A Letter from our outgoing Network Director, Janet Serwint
Dear Colleagues,

As I step down as the Network Director of CORNET, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some reflections and also much deserved thanks to you, our CORNET members.   To be able to help to develop CORNET was a dream come true for me.   From the beginning of my career I have been dedicated to the care of poor, underserved children and ensuring high quality of care through clinical research and educational opportunities to learners.  What a privilege to be able to design a practice based research network that addressed these goals!  CORNET evolved through the APA Continuity SIG whose members have similar goals.  We first presented a SIG workshop on conducting research in continuity sites during a 1995 PAS meeting .  During the workshop we identified over 70 research studies conducted in 70 individual  continuity practices. This workshop was a call to many of us in the Continuity SIG for future research opportunities.   I developed a survey of pediatric residents to assess their learning goals and experiences at various continuity clinical sites.  While I had distributed the survey to the residents in my program at Hopkins, the results from 76 residents from a single training program didn't seem too compelling.  So I went to the Continuity SIG meeting and asked for 3-4 additional programs to participate.  Imagine my surprise, and joy, when 42 continuity directors expressed interest in participating and 36 programs completed participation, leading to responses from > 1100 residents.  What a powerful example of the potential of collaboration and also the passion that many of us have about our work and the need to disseminate and share results.   The results of this survey were published and influenced future RRC guidelines on the continuity experience.

CORNET was officially launched in 2002 when my colleague and friend, Sue Feigelman, joined me in writing an infrastructure grant to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.   Who would have believed they would fund us?  It was fairly amazing since to that point in time we had little pilot data to support our ability to form a network.  Yet, this was truly a launching point for CORNET.
Since that time CORNET has thrived, mainly due to the interest, passion and dedication of our Steering Committee, Executive Committee and our members.  Our studies have bridged critical health care issues of underserved populations with important research and educational goals.   We have received funding from national funders including AHRQ, HRSA/ MCHB, CDC and NIH and also foundational grants from individual institutions that have supported our work.   The current enrollment in CORNET includes 125 clinical practice sites, which are affiliated with 105 pediatric training programs (52% of all pediatric training programs nationally). These sites provide primary health care to more than 851,800 patients and include the training of over 5,500 categorical pediatric and medicine-pediatric residents nationally, with an average of 52 residents per site (16-150). Two-thirds of sites are located at hospital-based clinics with the remainder at hospital-affiliated buildings, United Stated military clinics, community health centers, private practices and health maintenance organizations.
Our research network has contributed 18 peer reviewed manuscripts, 25 presentations at national meetings and 9 workshops at PAS meetings (including presentations at the 2016 PAS meeting this year.  See other portions of newsletter for 2016 PAS events).  This productivity represents input from more than 60 discrete co- authors on manuscripts and greater than 200 site co-investigators, a wonderful example of the mentoring that takes place through CORNET.   It has been inspiring to work with colleagues who have had limited past research experience and through their involvement in protocol reviews have developed into colleagues who can critically propose important and well-designed research studies.   CORNET studies have been published in high impact journals and spanned many topics including parental perception of high quality health care in continuity practices, a randomized controlled trial of an educational intervention on oral health, addressing health care disparities in Spanish speaking patients, adherence to asthma guidelines, the importance of mental health counseling,  and most recently, quality improvement projects to enhance adolescent HPV vaccine administration.  Throughout, our work has focused on the detrimental health effects of growing up in poverty and eliminating  health care disparities.  
I am so proud of the work we have accomplished.  It demonstrates what can be achieved when a group of motivated and talented colleagues contribute to something larger than any one individual can achieve.   Again a demonstration of the power of collaboration. 

I have many thanks to offer because the strength of CORNET is due to its members and mentors.   Mort Wasserman and Eric Slora from the PROS network were instrumental in mentoring us in the initial phases of our development, inviting a CORNET member to sit on the PROS Steering Committee and forming collaborative studies between PROS and CORNET.  I would like to thank the APA Board for supporting CORNET to become the first APA endorsed practice based research network.  Also thanks to Peter Szilagyi who assisted us during lean times in incorporating CORNET as a research platform for interesting immunization related studies that have been incredibly successful. 

Members of the Steering Committee make up the backbone of our network.   I would like to thank Sue Feigelman for her dedication and support in the initial development of CORNET.  Sue served as a co-director during my APA presidency and has remained an active member of the CORNET Steering Committee.  Thanks to Paul Darden, who as APA President, had the vision to support practice based research networks in his APA  presidential address and also worked out a business plan for success.   Paul remains as a critical member of the Steering Committee and has led our most recent successful studies on immunization delivery.   Marilyn Dumont-Driscoll has served as the membership chair of CORNET and has been essential in the recruitment of members and also writing  the newsletter.  And finally, I wish to acknowledge Bill Stratbucker who contributes his expertise in educational research and quality improvement.  Bill has also served as our workshop guru and led CORNET in the successful implementation of our first five CORNET workshops! 

Our Executive Committee is also critical to the functioning of our network and serves as our compass in determining  which studies to pursue and future goals.   Thanks to the members of our Executive Committee (both past and present).   These members include:  Michelle Barratt, Heather Burrows, Sharon Dabrow, Teresa Duryea, Cindy Ferrell, Lynn Garfunkel, Allison Gorman, Susan Heaney, Terry Hetzler, Wendy Hobson- Rohrer, Ellen Link, John Olsson, Richard Pan, Ron Samuels, Lee Sanders and Mike Steiner.

The CORNET administrative core is incredibly important to mention.  Thanks to Beth King and Holly Tyrell who have made critical contributions in organizing calls, helping with study protocols, assisting with data analysis and dissemination of results.

But my most heartfelt thanks goes to Nui Dhepyasuwan.  (It has taken me all these years to successfully spell your last name Nui J. ) Nui has been the heart of CORNET.  Her dedication, determination, creativity, amazing work ethic, and commitment to producing the most high quality products possible has been inspiring to watch.  I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to interact with her often, and see her as a true partner and life- long friend.    

I am thrilled to be leaving CORNET in the competent hands of Iman Shariff, MD, MPH, who I have had the privilege to work with over the past 12 months.  Her vision, wisdom and dedication is exactly what can take CORNET to the next successful phases.  I leave with the hope and vision that CORNET will continue to address eliminating poverty in children over the next decades.   Thank you for working within CORNET and for providing me such valuable experiences, sharing with me your knowledge, and being wonderful colleagues and friends. 


Janet Serwint

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Educational Scholars Program

10th Anniversary Celebration for the Educational Scholars Program! (Infographic)

We are excited to announce that the Educational Scholars Program is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year during the PAS 2016 meeting in Baltimore! The celebration will allow us to reflect on the past and take pride in the many accomplishments of the program, as well as think about the future of the ESP.

At the event we will celebrate former and current scholars, faculty, local and national mentors, program leaders and institutional partners. Current APA President and former ESP co-director Maryellen Gusic will give the keynote address. True to our ESP mission, there will be plenty of time for networking.

Planning Committee Co-Chairs Melissa Klein and Barry Solomon have engaged a enthusiastic group of ESP graduates from all our past ESP cohorts to make the event special for everyone. We look forward to celebrating this important milestone together!

A Quick Glimpse at our History. The ESP was founded in 2006, when it was built within the APA as a successor to an earlier National Faculty Development Scholars Program, led by Lucy Osborn. Beginning in 2003, educators in the APA who had participated in the earlier program conducted an intensive, grass-roots planning process for a new faculty development program, which became the Educational Scholars Program. The founding director, Connie Baldwin, led this development effort in her roles as Chair on the APA Faculty Development Special Interest Group, and then APA Education Chair. The ESP was approved by the APA Board in 2005. ESP faculty were recruited from the large pool of educators in the APA. As of 2016, we have enrolled 171 scholars and have so far graduated 77 from Cohorts 1-5. The program currently includes 49 active scholars and 51 faculty.

New Cohort of Scholars Joins the ESP in 2016. Cohort 8 includes 26 scholars, whom we are anxious to meet in person on April 29 in Baltimore. This year, we have created a new ESP Launch activity to jump start the cohort's participation in the program. They are doing a scavenger hunt on the APA-ESP Portal (our Moodle-based program management platform), as well as conducting a literature search related to their project and refining their project plans in preparation of discussion and feedback in small groups on ESP Day. Hans Kersten is the leader of this cohort and in this role has joined the ESP Executive Committee.

New Crop of ESP Graduates. Cohort 6 scholars are working hard to complete graduation requirements for receipt of their Certificate of Excellence in Educational Scholarship on May 1. The graduation will take place during the anniversary celebration. The focus of these scholars' projects ranges widely, including teaching family centered rounds, EBM, interprofessional teamwork, professionalism, child advocacy, and resuscitation skills. We are proud of our scholars' excellent work and creative contributions to pediatric education!

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PRIS Leadership Update

The mission of Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings (PRIS) is to improve the health of and healthcare delivery to hospitalized children and their families. Since the PRIS Network was reorganized in 2010, the Network has had remarkable success under the leadership of our Chair, Raj Srivastava, MD, MPH. During this time we have successfully obtained more than $20 million in grant funding for studies such as the Prioritization Project and Drill Downs, IPASS, PHIS+, GAPPS, and PIVVOT, and have grown from 80 to 106 member sites. PRIS has maintained our commitment to fostering research in the pediatric hospital medicine community by engaging a diverse array of sites in research projects, providing mentorship for hospitalist researchers, and presenting workshops on research skills. We have greatly appreciated the support of all of your organizations throughout the years.

After 7 years as Chair of PRIS, Raj is stepping down to devote more attention to his job as Assistant Vice-President of Research for Intermountain Healthcare. Raj has been instrumental in the growth of PRIS, leading us through the redesign, adoption of our mission, vision, and values, and building our outstanding grant portfolio. He has worked tirelessly to develop and maintain our relationships with our partner organizations- the American Academy of Pediatrics, Academic Pediatric Association, Society for Hospital Medicine, and Children’s Hospital Association. His leadership will be greatly missed, but we are very happy that he will be staying on the Executive Council, where he will join Chris Landrigan, MD, MPH, as past-Chair. At the Feb 2016 Annual Executive Council meeting, Karen Wilson, MD, MPH, accepted with unanimous support of the Executive Council, to become the new Chair of PRIS, and Samir Shah, MD, MSCE will continue his role as the Vice-Chair. We also have two new Executive Council members, Chris Bonafide, MD, MSCE, and Lisa McLeod, MD, MSCE. PRIS is looking forward to continued engagement with our member sites, and we would like to actively encourage any investigators who might be interested in fielding a multicenter study to contact us. We are excited to continue to work towards our vision of PRIS being the premier research network and continually defining what best practice is and how it should be implemented.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this transition.

Karen M. Wilson, MD, MPH
Section Head, Pediatric Hospital Medicine I Children's Hospital Colorado
Associate Professor I University of Colorado School of Medicine
13123 E. 16th Avenue, B302 IAurora, CO 80045
(720) 777-5096 (office) I (303) 319-5518 (cell)

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Region I

Dear All.

Over 50 of us got together for our APA region 1 meeting on March 14, 2016 at the The Inn at Longwood Medical - 342 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA . The title and focus of the meeting was Pathways to Academic Productivity: Professional development in pediatric research, education, and quality improvement.

The keynote address was given by Jonathan Finkelstein, MD, MPH: "QI, Research, and the Yellow Brick Road to a Learning Health System" and guided us on a journey that explored the worlds of QI and research including analytical challenges and issues regarding appropriate ethical oversight.

Lei Chen, MD gave a very spirited workshop: "Crafting a winning, or at least acceptable, manuscript" and shared some very helpful tips on the essentials of the various sections of a scientific manuscript for clinical research.

Mark Schuster MD PhD gave us a national APA update.

The following faculty Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD, Laurel K. Leslie, MD, MPH, Judith Palfrey, MD, Joanne E. Cox, MD, Lei Chen, MD, MHS, Jonathan Finkelstein, MD, MPH, Matthew Sadof, MD held informal group mentoring during a lunch with the professor.

A workshop on Multivariable Regression Techniques for Pediatric Clinical Research was given by Michael C. Monuteaux, Sc.D.

We had 7 platform presentations and 17 posters representing 11 institutions. We would again like to congratulate Karen Farbman, MD from Children's Hospital Boston who won the award for her presentation of ";A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Admission Rates for Children With Anaphylaxis".

All in all a good time was had by all and many old and new connections were made.

We look forward to seeing you at the PAS meeting in Baltimore. Please join us at the Region 1 breakfast.

Your region co- chairs,
Amy, Mark and Matt

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Region II/III

The annual APA Region II/III meeting took place on Friday, March 11, 2016 - it was a beautiful day with over 120 attendees! The joint Region II/III meeting was held at the NYU School of Medicine / NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, NY, and attendees were welcomed with opening remarks by Catherine Manno, MD, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at the NYU School of Medicine. Eric Fleegler, MD, MPH, from Harvard Medical School / Boston Children's Hospital, gave a fascinating key note address on 'Violence and Medicine; Fireams and Public Health", a timely issue. Participants were able to choose from three workshops: 'Lean Concepts Applied to Healthcare: A Hands-on Quality Improvement Workshop about the '8 Wastes' " (led by Michael Rinke, MD, PhD and Robert Angert, MD), 'Creating Healthy Smiles for At-Risk Children: How to Start (and Maintain!) a Successful Oral Health Program in Your Pediatric Medical Home" (led by Katie McPeak, MD, Priya Patel, MD, Kathryn Scharbach, MD, and Jillian Coolidge, RN), and 'Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills in Academic Medicine" (led by Latha Chandran, MD, MPH and Janet Fischel, PhD). A total of 32 posters were on display during the poster session. The lunchtime networking session was led by a group of 10 esteemed mentors, including Susan Bostwick, MD, MBA, Esther Chung MD, MPH, Arthur Fierman, MD, Maryellen Gusic, MD, Robert Hilliard, MD, Alan Mendelsohn, MD, Cindy Osman, MD, MS, Suzette Oyeku, MD, MPH, Lee Pachter, DO, Nancy Spector, MD, with topics at tables spanning advocacy, medical education, and funding opportunities for early stage investigators. At the Business meeting, Maryellen Gusic, MD, APA President, gave a brief update and overview about what is going on in the APA. The day concluded with a platform session composed of 8 impressive presentations.

We are looking forward to seeing Region II members at the upcoming PAS meeting in Baltimore! Our APA Region II breakfast will be held Monday, May 2nd from 7-8 am in Key Ballroom 2.

Note that we are looking for a few Region members to serve as Region II Chairs starting in May 2017, as we are heading into the last year of our 3 year term. We are also looking for a new Chair for the Region II Young Investigator Grant Program. Please let us know if you are interested in a leadership position! Also, if you have are interested in helping us plan Region II activities, or have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please e-mail us!

Region II Co-Chairs:

Rachel S. Gross, MD, MS

Sylvia W. Lim, MD

H. Shonna Yin, MD, MS

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Region VI

PAS is quickly approaching!
The Region VI Breakfast is Monday, May 2, 2016 from 7-8 a.m. Please plan on attending to hear updates from around the Region, meet new colleagues, and learn about plans for the coming year.
We additionally ask you take time out of your busy PAS schedules to promote poster and other presentations that are going on from your fellow Region VI members!

We are thrilled to announce the new region VI co-chair, Jennifer Bettenhausen. Dr. Bettenhausen currently practices at Children's Mercy Hospital in the Kansas City area where among many other tasks she serves as program director for Children's Mercy's APA-accredited pediatric hospital medicine fellowship. With Dr. Bettenhausen' s experience from the APA research scholar's program and desire for ongoing research and education of learners within the APA, she will be an asset to our region as we continue growing. Region VI is additionally happy to welcome Dr. Abigail Schuh and Dr. Phillip Abraham to serve as institutional liaisons for their respective institutions within our region! With the arrival of Dr. Bettenhausen, we must take a minute to thank Dr. Anita Moonjely for her service to not only region VI but to APA as a whole. Though Dr. Moonjely will no longer serve as a co-chair for region VI, she will continue to be an asset to the region and help plan our upcoming Region VI fall conference. Thank you for continuing to grow our region, Dr. Moonjely!

Have you marked the Region VI fall meeting on your calendar? Well we hope you do now! The Region VI fall meeting will take place on Friday, September 30, 2016 in St. Louis with an anticipated networking event the evening prior on Thursday, September 29th. This year's program promises to be an educational experience for learners from all disciplines. We hope to continue building on our success of poster presentations with a goal to surpass the 43 posters we had last year. If you have a research, quality improvement, educational project or interesting clinical case, please consider starting the process of formulating an abstract. We hope to open conference registration and the abstract submission process over the summer.

Region VI Co-Chairs
Anita Moonjely, MD (outgoing co-chair)
University of Iowa Children's Hospital
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, IA 52242
Phone: (319) 384-6390

Jessica Bettenhausen, MD (incoming co-chair)
Children's Mercy Hospital
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: (816) 802-1493

Matthew Broom, MD
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
1465 South Grand Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63104
Phone: (341) 268-4150

Grace Brouillette, DO, MBA
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone: (913) 588-6329

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Greetings Region 7,

We wrapped up the Southern Regional Meeting (SRM) in New Orleans in February. As always the meeting was great and well attended. The APA sponsored 2 exciting workshops: "Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Business, Diplomacy, and Theatre" and "How to Design and Give a Workshop". We also gave cash awards to 3 trainees for best Pediatric Clinical Case Presentations. The winners were John Sarandria, 1st Place, (Jacksonville, FL), Jennifer Gibson, 2nd Place, (Norfolk, VA), and Justin Farge, 3rd Place, (Jefferson, LA). Next year"s regional meeting will be held February 16-18, 2017 in New Orleans.

Now we are gearing up for PAS in Baltimore. For those of you who haven't registered, you may do so at the following link: The Region 7 breakfast/business meeting will be held on Monday, May 2nd from 7:00am - 8:00am in the Hilton Baltimore Hotel, Key Ballroom 9. We are excited that Dr. Gusic (APA President) will be dropping by to say a few words. We will send out an email closer to the conference with some of the other APA events you may want to attend.

Lastly, after some discussion at the SRM we have decided to extend our quarterly newsletter (TOAL Tales) to include Region 8. TOAL stands for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana so we will be looking for a new name. This will facilitate exposure of our submissions to 10 states. You may send any submissions for the newsletter to Adam Wolfe,

Look forward to seeing you soon,
Your Region 7 Co-chairs

Jennifer Andrews
Adam Wolfe
Amanda Dumas

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Region IX & X

APA Region IX/X Meeting in Monterey, California January 30-31, 2016

We would like to celebrate the 2016 Region IX/X APA Meeting in Monterey, California.  Due to some last minute security issues, the meeting was moved to the Hyatt Regency Monterey.  Thanks to Michelle Thompson, Region IX Co-Chair for coordinating last minute arrangements to ensure the meeting's success, and thank you to all attendees for your flexibility!

Highlights of this year's meeting were the record number of abstracts, works in progress, and workshop submissions, all of which were of excellent quality.  The final schedule of presentations can be found here (2016 Final Schedule). Congratulations to Hilary Stempel (Fellow, University of Colorado) and Lindsay Thimmig (Research Assistant and Pre-Medical Student, University of California San Francisco) on receiving the Paul Young Travel Awards for best abstract oral presentations given by trainees.  They will receive their awards and will present their abstracts at the PAS APA Region IX/X breakfast (Monday, May 2nd 7:00am-8:00am Hilton Baltimore Hotel Key Ballroom 11).  The meeting was introduced by APA Past President Mark Schuster who gave an update on the APA.  Dr. Fernando Mendoza gave the key note speech on "Diversity: Why is it Important to Pediatrics", and Dr. Jenny Reese gave a presentation on "Resilience for Health Care Providers."

What makes this meeting special in addition to the high quality of scientific presentations is the format that allows for each author to present their abstract or work in progress in a table-top small group session to solicit feedback and facilitate networking among APA region members.  We hope to see continued growth at next year's meeting and look forward to seeing the incredible scientific contributions being made by APA Region IX/X members!  Thank you to those meeting attendings that completed the meeting survey.  We will certainly incorporate your suggestions as we plan next year's meeting.

Details for next year's meeting will be available this fall on our APA Region IX/X page.

Thank you to everyone who participated!  Please feel free to get in touch with your region IX/X Co-Chairs at any time.  We hope to see you at PAS in Baltimore!

New Region IX Co-Chair Opportunity

Region 9 is looking for a new Co-Chair to replace Gina French who is completing her term. This is a great opportunity to sample more involvement in the APA at a relatively low time cost. You'll get to work with some fun people, plan a small meeting and see if you have interest in further leadership opportunities in the APA. Every other year the APA provides a free leadership conference at the PAS for us too. If you have any interest in this, want more info or ready to nominate yourself, please contact Gina or Michelle at:

Gina French, MD
Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children
Director, Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic
Division Director, Community Pediatrics
Associate Program Director, Pediatric Residency
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
1319 Punahou Street
Honolulu, HI 96826

Michelle Thompson
Associate Director, Pediatric Residency Program, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Keck School of Medicine of USC

REGION X Co-Chairs
Mandy Allison
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics | General Academic Pediatrics
Pediatrics Co-Director, Primary Care Research Fellowship
Adult and Child Consortium for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS)
University of Colorado School of Medicine | Children's Hospital Colorado

Jenny Reese, MD
Medical Director | Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics |Pediatric Hospital Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Inpatient Medical Director | Children's Hospital Colorado

Photo: APA Region IX/X Meeting--January 30-31, 2016
Monterey, California

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Special Interest Groups
Academic Fellows SIG

In preparation for PAS 2016, the Academic Fellows SIG co-chairs would like to thank the APA staff, and the support of the APA Leadership, in particular Mary Ottolini, for helping us to have such a robust and successful year with the PAS Mentored Abstract Review. We had a record 84 mentors and 109 mentees participate in the process this year! Thank you to all of those who participated in this process, and special thanks to the mentors who took on more than one mentee in order to accommodate the robust interest and response from fellows and junior faculty.  We welcome your feedback and ideas about this process, and hope that we'll be able to encourage other meetings to offer this training opportunity to fellows and junior faculty in the years to come.

We're looking forward to an exciting meeting at PAS 2016 in Baltimore! We are combining efforts with the Fellowship Training SIG at our Saturday, April 30, from 8:30-11:30am in the Hilton Hotel, Johnson Room A.  We hope you will join us to learn and experience Human Centered Design an approach that you can use for quality improvement, research and program evaluation.  This experience will offer the opportunity to both learn new skills and network.  We'll feature individuals who have successfully used this work in their institutions and as a methodology in AHRQ funded research.

We hope you'll tag Fellow relevant tweets at PAS with #PASFellows2016. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

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Advocacy Training

The APA Advocacy Training SIG invites you to join our session at the 2016 Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting on Monday, May 2nd from 8:30am-11:30am.

This year our session will focus on ways all pediatricians (generalists and sub-specialists) can advocate for children. Our two guest speakers will be Dr. Nina Kadan-Lottick (Hematology-Oncology) and Dr. Shetal Shah (Neonatology). During the second half of our session we will hear about unique and innovative advocacy projects completed by medical students, residents, and fellows.  These will include poster and oral presentations.

Please come join us!

Culture, Ethnicity, and Healthcare

This year at the annual PAS meeting in Baltimore, the Culture, Ethnicity, and Healthcare SIG will focus on "Life of the Refugee Child in the US - A Pediatrician's Guide." Our session will occur on Tuesday, May 3, 9:30-12:30 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We will present and discuss details of where refugee children are coming from, where they are settling, and how those interested in child health can support their needs. Come hear practical advice about the pediatrician's role in navigation programs, assessing for trauma/adverse childhood events (ACEs), and advocating for child-friendly refugee/immigrant policies. Expert speakers include Dr. Julie Linton, Dr. Janine Young, and Dr. Kristine Rodrigues. Videos and group discussion will help us explore this important topic. We also will host trainees with abstracts related to culture and ethnicity in health. Please join us for this informative and engaging session.

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Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light?  Hopefully so, because we want you to join the Continuity SIG at our annual meeting on Monday, May 2 at 8:30. As always, we want you to get a lot of bang for the time you spend at our meeting.  We will give a progress report on our best practices Delphi project we began at last year's meeting with a gallery walk and hope to continue into the upcoming year.  Moving to changes in the residency accreditation process, after a brief overview we will divide into small group discussion to address three questions that are part of the required residency self-study: teaching in the era of increased demands for productivity, data on resident work habits, and have added, at the request of our membership, a group sharing pointers on adding a specialty continuity experience for the third year of training.  We will provide updates on CORNET and other SIG projects, followed by (cue the MGM lion) a recognition, with showing, of the top three resident HPV videos from the SIG grant we secured last year. Our residents are the most amazingly creative people in the world. Of course, the ever popular continuity consults will wrap up an engaging session.  Lots of networking, lots of opportunity to bring back new ideas to your home institution.  So, there may be no bombs bursting in air, but we have proof that our SIG is still here – and you should be a part of it!

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Division Directors

The Division Directors & Pediatric Residents SIGs are combining!!! Don't miss this interactive and informative career-oriented SIG offering advice/experience from our SIG to yours to help you start your academic career on the right foot!

"To Infinity and Beyond: From Resident to Academic Leader"

The program will focus on career development and planning for residents and fellows moving towards and/or into their new academic homes. Career options and benefits for those pursuing chief residency will also be discussed. Topics covered:

  • Didactics on salary/financials/contracts/structuring educational debt/reading spreadsheets
  • Breakouts with thematic questions centered on possible career tracks (Academic Pediatricians, Hospitalists, Continuity Clinic Directors, Program and Associate Program directors, Advocacy, QI, Undecided, etc.)
  • Chief resident panel discussion: featuring current chief residents and APA SIG leaders who are
    former chief residents (How do Chiefs get paid?)
  • Open forum, feedback, and networking

Attendees and leaders in discussion:
John Olson (Continuity Clinic Directors), Mary Rogers (Hospitalist/Nursery), John Harrington (General Academic Pediatrics), and several others.

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Daylight savings time has officially marked the Spring season.  Around the corner is our seventh annual e-Learning SIG meeting. This year our SIG meeting is in Maryland, home of Blue Crabs, Rowhouses and the Orioles. We are excited to share with you our SIG e-learning agenda with a variety of speakers and topics.           
Agenda for 2016 e-Learning SIG

Date:   Saturday, April 30, 2016
Time:   8:30 am -11:30AM
Course Number: E-Learning in Medical Education (1278)
Location: Baltimore Convention Centre (Room# 334)

  • Michal Cidon, MD
  • Traci Wolbrink, MD MPH


2016 e-Learning SIG Agenda Items

8:30 – 8:45am

Welcome, introduction, and overview of e-Learning SIG Activities
(Presenters: Michal Cidon, MD; Traci Wolbrink MD)

8:45 – 9:15am

Title: Learning Analytics to Predict Learners Success
(Presenters: Kadriye O. Lewis, Ed.D
Description: Learning analytics is the use of intelligent data, learner-produced data, and analysis models to measure learners' success, discover information and social connections, and to predict certain outcomes and/or to support the existing educational models. The presenter will introduce the concept of learning analytics and what it means for medical education.

  • How can we use behavioral data from academic technologies and other conventional data sources to improve learner achievement?
  • How can learning analytics fit in medical education in the concept of instructional design, and assessment of learning?

9:15 - 9:45am

Title: Medical Educator ePortfolios
(Presenter:Jacqueline Walker, MD)
Description: With the current movement in evidence based professional practice, medical educators have recognized the value of portfolios as an appropriate tool for assessing professional growth and for promoting reflective skills to enhance professional competency. This presentation will provide an overview of the role of  eportfolios in supporting professional development in medical practice.

9:45 - 9:55am

Break (10 minutes)

9:55am- 10:25am

Title: Serious Gaming in Medical Education
(Presenter:Traci Wolbrink, MD MPH)
Description: Serious gaming is an emerging new tool in medical education, and is especially suited for the Millennial learner. Serious gaming actively engages the adult learner, allows control of learning pace and timing, provides directed feedback, and leverages cognitive motivations inherent in games. This presentation will provide an overview of serious gaming, describe some of the key features making serious gaming especially appealing to adult learners, and demonstrate several examples of serious games for medical education.

10:25 - 11:25am

e-Learning SIG Sponsored Workshop

Title:  E-Learning support technologies for motivating, incentivizing, gamification, and enhancing the situation awareness of online learners
(Presenters: Jeffrey Sestokas, MD)
Description: Web‐based medical education is often housed in online learning management systems that provide different informatics and reporting capabilities for students and educators to view scoring and overall user performance. Open source learning management systems allow educators to completely customize their online training environment to not only host interactive activities and resources, but provides tailoring ability for situation awareness and motivation enhancement for learners through the use of participant ranking widgets, progress
bar dashboards, game leveling conditions, and badging systems. In this workshop, participants will learn and be able to use various open source e‐Learning plugins for incentivizing, gamifying, and informing learners within an open source learning management system.

11:25 - 11:30am

Wrap-Up and Closing


Co-Chair person: Traci Wolbrink, MD MPH,
Co-Chair person: Michal Cidon, MD,

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Dear Ethics SIG members,

We are excited for our meeting in Baltimore!

Our meeting is scheduled for April 30, 2016, 3-5pm in Hilton Hotel Holiday Ballroom 1.

We will start with announcing the winners of our 5th ethics essay contest. This will be followed with a panel discussion where our speakers Stefanie Benoit, Benjamin Wilfond and John Lantos will present challenging cases and discuss the ethical issues surrounding decision making for life sustaining therapies for children with chronic illnesses, e.g. tracheostomy placement. How should we decide (what does the decision making process look like) when there is no good choice available?

Looking forward to seeing you again in Baltimore!

Warmest wishes,

Zeynep Salih, M.D., MA
Indiana University School of Medicine
Riley Hospital for Children
Indianapolis, IN

Adrian Lavery, M.D., MPH
Loma Linda Children's Hospital,
Loma Linda, CA

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Evidence-Based Pediatrics

The Evidence-Based Pediatrics SIG is excited to announce our agenda for the PAS meeting at 8 am on Sunday, May 1.  Presentations entitled "DEVELOPING EVIDENCE‐BASED ORDER SETS: UNDERSTANDING THE METHOD AND LEVERAGING THE WORK" by Sarah Mennito from MUSC and "WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE? – DOGMAS IN PEDIATRICS AND THE EVIDENCE BEHIND THEM" by Ricardo Quinonez from Children's Hospital of San Antonio will anchor the session.  We are also delighted to have presentations on the EBM curriculum from the residency programs at Baystate Health and at Mayo.  Finally, our business meeting and networking time will include an update on the librarian survey from SIG co-chair Rachel Boykan as well as plenty of time to share new ideas for the group's future activities.  Hope to see many of you there, and of course non-members are welcome to check it out and join our SIG in the future.

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Faculty Development

The Faculty Development SIG provides a professional home for medical educators interested in faculty development. Our focus is on the members' roles as faculty developers, not merely the member's own development.  We are excited to bring a new area of focus to our Faculty Development SIG membership and discuss resiliency as it relates to faculty development.

Our Faculty Development SIG Session will be on Sunday, May 1st from 12:00 to 3:00pm.

Please join us for an exciting discussion!  Our meeting format will include a keynote speaker, brief summaries of submitted workshops related to resilience, small group breakout discussions focusing on topics including learner wellness and resilience, solutions to promoting faculty well-being, and individual resilience strategies.  The goal is to provide attendees with strategies to promote resilience among learners, faculty and systems in their organizations.

There will be time to network, discuss the various scholarly presentations, and share new faculty development ideas.

We are also very pleased to announce that Dr. Natalie Burman is taking on the role of a new co-chair.  She is an Associate Program Director at the Naval Medical Center San Diego and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences. We would also like to thank Dr. Joe Lopreiato for his longstanding support as a Co-Chair for the past 8 years.  Dr. Lopreiato will continue as an active member of this SIG.  

Miriam Bar-On, MD
University of Nevada
1701 West Charleston Blvd, Suite 590
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: (702) 671-6400

Natalie Burman, DO, MA
Naval Medical Center San Diego
34800 Bob Wilson Drive
San Diego, CA 92134
Phone: (619) 532-6067

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Health Literacy

We are looking forward to seeing Health Literacy SIG members at the upcoming 2016 PAS meeting in Baltimore in April/May!  As we have each year, we will be sharing with you a "Health Literacy Guide to PAS" via email, as well as posting it on the APA wiki page.

The Health Literacy SIG meeting will be held on Sunday, May 1, 12-3PM (Hilton Baltimore Hotel ~ Holiday Ballroom 1).  We will have a special guest speaker, Laura Noonan, MD from Carolinas HealthCare System (North Carolina), a practicing pediatrician whose work focuses on health care QI methodology and framework across the care continuum.  She will be discussing organizational change and strategies to create health literate medical systems. Dr. Noonan has extensive experience in teaching QI methodology at the local, regional, and national levels, and was the collaborative director for Carolinas HealthCare System's QI-based health literacy initiative for 24 facilities across the third largest nonprofit healthcare system in the US.  At the SIG meeting, we will also break out into groups to create agendas for our SIG in the areas of research, education, and policy.  We hope to see you in Baltimore and welcome ideas from all of you regarding the topics you would most be interested in concentrating on as members of the Health Literacy Special Interest Group!

We also wanted to update you regarding our HL SIG activities for 2015-2016.  Our SIG was selected to receive a APA SIG Small Grant HPV Vaccination Award for the project "A Health Literacy Initiative to Improve Provider-Parent HPV Vaccine Communication" (Co-PI's: Rosy Chaabra, PsyD, H. Shonna Yin, MD, MS; co-I's Barbara Bayldon, MD, Iman Sharif, MD, MPH, MS, Deena Chisolm, PhD, Maheen Quadri-Sheriff, MD, MS).  The grant funds a multi-step educational initiative which includes: (1) performing a HL-informed evaluation of existing HPV counseling tools (e.g. grade level, suitability assessment), (2) identifying parent/provider barriers to HPV vaccination; (3) developing HL-informed educational materials in partnership with families and providers; and (4) evaluating the clarity of existing educational materials as well as provider and family acceptability.  We welcome the participation of other APA SIG members - please contact the SIG chairs if you are interested in becoming involved!

APA Health Literacy SIG Chairs

Barbara Bayldon

H. Shonna Yin

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Hospital Medicine

  • Join us for the Hospital Medicine SIG Meeting at PAS

"Building a Successful Career in Hospital Medicine"
Tuesday, May 3rd  9:30-12:30

Pediatric Hospital Medicine continues to grow, however academic advancement in this young field can often be challenging. Often academic advancement in the young field of Hospital Medicine can be a challenge. In order to address this challenge the Hospital Medicine SIG meeting at PAS will provide hospitalists with an opportunity to discuss these challenges and acquire strategies on how to maximize their current clinical, administrative, QI, educational, and research for academic success and promotion. The session will include an opportunity to interact and network with leaders in the field who have built successful careers. We encourage all hospitalists to join us!

  • Hospital Medicine SIG Elections

The APA Hospital Medicine SIG co-chair election is underway! We have a fantastic group of candidates this year! Members of the APA listserv will be eligible to vote if they are active members of the APA and members of the Hospital Medicine SIG. If you are a hospitalist and are interested in voting, please be sure you are signed up for the Hospital Medicine SIG. Send Marina ( an email to add yourself to the SIG roster if you have not received an email from our listserv previously. Online elections will be held from March 21st - April 8th. Be sure you are included! 

  • Save the Date!

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Meeting
July 28-31, 2016
Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago, IL
Registration website opening soon!!

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LGBTQ Health and Well Being


The LGBTQ Health and Well-Being SIG will meet at the PAS this year on Sunday May 1, 2016 from 12:00 noon until 3:00 PM in the Hilton Baltimore Hotel, Latrobe Room.

This year's program will be extremely topical and stimulating.

12:00 Noon - 12:30 PM:   Introductions / Networking

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM:
Caring for Gender Non-Conforming Youth
Our understanding of gender identity and the medical services available to transgender youth are rapidly evolving, which can make it difficult for providers to keep up. The aim of this presentation will be to build an understanding of gender development theory, some of the most current terminology being used, as well as best-practices for making clinical settings “safe spaces” for transgender youth. We will address risks factors and strategies that can be used to prevent “gender dysphoria,” which is a significant distress related to the incongruence between their gender assigned at birth and their affirmed gender which if untreated can contribute to significant mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression and suicide. Finally, medical services available to transgender youth, including agents to block endogenous puberty, cross-sex hormones, and surgical interventions, will be reviewed.

Jason R. Rafferty, MD, MPH, EdM
Resident Physician in
Pediatrics, General Psychiatry, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry ("Triple Board")
Brown University

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
The State of State LGBTQ Policy
Since the landmark US Supreme Court marriage equality decision in 2015, states have seen an influx in proposals that threaten the health, well-being, and family and social relationships of LGBTQ youth and LGBTQ parents and their children. Bills and policies to deny access and accommodation to LGBTQ people, promote conversion therapy, challenge adoption rights and foster parenting, and isolate transgender students were seen in 2016. But progress continues to be made, too. Protections for LGBTQ students against bullying, bans on conversion therapy, and nondiscrimination in health care and family leave laws are advancing. Join us for a closer look at what's happening and learn what you can do to make a difference.

Jim Pawelski
Director, Division of State Government Affairs
American Academy of Pediatrics
Elk Grove Village, IL

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM Questions and Group Discussion

We will have the opportunity after both presentations to ask questions and also to share personal advocacy stories and suggestions. 

As always all APA members and PAS attendees are invited and encouraged to attend. 

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Medical Student Education (MSE) and Teaching in Community Settings (TCS)

Announcement from the APA Medical Student Education (MSE) and Teaching in Community Settings (TCS) Special Interest Groups:

At PAS this year, the MSE and TCS SIGs are co-hosting a session to discuss medical student education in the community setting. We will examine the challenges and benefits of utilizing community preceptors in medical student education, discuss best practices to recruit and maintain community preceptors, and identify opportunities for collaboration between academic centers and community providers.

Our agenda includes the following presentations:

  • Results from the COMSEP/AMSPDC Community Preceptor Task Force
  • Results from the COMSEP Qualitative Community Preceptor Study
  • Mini-Workshop on recruiting and maintaining community receptors
  • Panel Discussion

Please join us for an interactive and informational session on Tuesday May 3rd from 9:30am-12:30pm! Looking forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

TCS SIG leaders:
Scott Krugman MD, MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
Chris Peltier MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Scott Vergano MD, Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters, Eastern Virginia Medical School.

MSE SIG leaders:
Beth Goodman MD, Rutgers-RWJ Medical School
Mary Rocha MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital

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Newborn Nursery

Happy Spring from the Newborn Nursery SIG Co-Chairs!  We are looking forward to an exciting SIG meeting at PAS in Baltimore.  According to the current online program, our meeting, Session 3186, is scheduled for Monday, May 2, from 830-1130 am, Room 350, Baltimore Convention Center.  We are looking forward to our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Richard A. Polin, the William T. Speck Professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Director of the Division of Neonatology at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian since 1998.  He will be speaking on "Neonatal Hypoglycemia: A Numbers Conundrum."  He was willing to share the following fun facts: "I have 4 children, 6.5 grandchildren and a Tibetan Terrier, named Max."  If you’d like to learn more, you will have to meet him in May!  We also have a Quality Improvement talk, "Improved Family-Centered Care at Lower Cost: Rooming-In to Treat Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome," by Bonny Whalen, MD and Alison V. Holmes, MD, MPH, Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock / Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.  Their fun fact:  "Our comprehensive perinatal addiction treatment program and our inpatient newborn- and family-centered care were nationally recognized by the Vermont Oxford Network (VON) as an exemplary model of care for newborns with NAS."

Newborn Nursery SIG Agenda
8:30 - 8:50 Introductions and Welcome -Introduction of Keynote Speaker, Dr. Richard A.Polin
8:50 - 9:25 Keynote Speech: Neonatal Hypoglycemia:  A Numbers Conundrum
9:25 - 9:35 Q&A with Dr. Polin
9:35 - 10:05 Poster Presentations and Introductions of QI speakers, Drs. Bonny Whalen and Alison V. Holmes
10:05 - 10:35 QI Speech, Improved Family-Centered Care at Lower Cost: Rooming-In to Treat Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
10:35 - 10:45 Q&A with Drs. Whalen and Holmes
10:45 - 11:30 General business and discussion; welcome to Dr. Jaspreet Loyal, the incoming Co-Chair

This will be the last newsletter submission from me.  It has been a distinct honor and pleasure to serve as the Newborn Nursery SIG Co-Chair for the past 3 years, and to work closely with past Co-Chair Dr. Beth Simpson and present Co-Chair, Dr. Mary Ann LoFrumento.  I look forward to our continued work together to help newborns get off to a healthy start! -- Esther

Esther K. Chung, MD, MPH and Mary Ann LoFrumento, MD
Newborn Nursery Co-Chairs

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Patient and Family Centered Care

The Patient and Family Centered-Care (PFCC) and Medical Informatics and Electronic Health Records SIGs will be hosting a joint SIG session at PAS entitled: "Patient-Centered Care through Health IT" on Saturday, April 30th from 3 to 5pm in the Holiday Ballroom 3 at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel (Session 1826). We will host speakers with experience using health IT tools, like patient portals, to promote patient and family engagement and conduct patient-centered research. Small group breakout sessions and opportunities for networking will follow these short presentations. We look forward to seeing you there!

We are also looking for a new PFCC SIG co-chair who would start in July! If you are interested in being considered or would like to nominate a colleague, send us a CV and a paragraph explaining your or your nominee's interest, experience and anything you think is important for us to know. We will then invite an interested member to serve a 3-year term as co-chair. Please feel free to email any of us directly about specific roles and responsibilities or any other questions.

We appreciate your interest in this SIG and hope that it continues to enable collaboration to promote PFCC.

SIG Co-Chairs:

Michelle Kelly

Kristin Voos

Alisa Khan

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Pediatric Clinical Research Networks

The Pediatric Clinical Research Networks Special Interest Group (PCRN SIG) will be meeting at PAS from 8:30 - 11:30 on Saturday morning, April 30th in the Hilton Baltimore's Holiday Ballroom 2.

The PCRN SIG is a forum for PAS members who either are involved in or are planning to establish clinical research networks (defined as enduring multi-site clinical research collaborations).  Representatives of a diverse group of primary care (PBRNs), specialist, and disease-specific networks meet to discuss common challenges and potential solutions to those challenges, offer consultation to those planning or launching new networks, and hear other news on topics of interest to network researchers.

This meeting will feature presentations on two new networks.  Dr Amanda Montalbano of Children's Mercy Kansas City will present on a pediatric urgent care research network being jointly sponsored by the Society of Pediatric Urgent Care and the urgent care subcommittee of the AAP's Section of Emergency Medicine. Drs Robert Needlman, Alan Mendelsohn, and Perri Klass will describe their plans for a Reach Out and Read research network.  After each presentation, attendees will offer consultation to the presenters on starting and building research networks.

In addition, Alex Fiks of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will present and lead a discussion on network transitions.

We look forward to seeing network researchers from both new and experienced networks on the morning of April 30th.  We will send an APA Listserv reminder in mid-late April.

Mort Wasserman

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Pediatric Emergency and Injury Control

APA Pediatric Emergency and Injury Control Special Interest Groups
Monday May 2nd 2016

Boundaries of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Mission:
What Constitutes an "Emergency"?

This year, the Emergency Medicine and Injury Control Special Interests Groups will have a special, combined meeting. The emergency department, in its role as interface between the hospital and a relatively vulnerable patient population, has always had a multi-faceted mission that is often outside the care of the acutely ill and injured. The fluid nature of the boundary around our mission requires us to regularly re-examine what is included. For example, is Injury Prevention part of our job? Chronic asthma care? Sexual Health? Warm meals?

For pediatric emergency departments, this is all the more true given the vulnerability of children. However, an unfocussed ever-expanding mission that varies from pediatric emergency department to pediatric emergency department is a threat to the cohesion of the field. We propose to use this combined Special Interest Group to look at this dilemma more closely, in a forum encouraging active discussion.

Speakers and Topics

  • Dr. Mark Zonfrillo: Role of the Emergency Department in Injury Prevention
  • Dr. Roger Zemek and Dr. William Meehan: Concussion and the Extension of the Emergency Department Mission
  • Dr. Yaron Finkelstein: Poisoning and Efforts beyond Acute Treatment
  • Dr. Joseph Zorc: Asthma and the Limits of Follow-up
  • Dr. Cynthia Mollen: Role of the Emergency Department for Patients with Sexual Health Issues
  • Dr. Eliot Nelson, Dr. Karen Sheehan, Dr. Stephen Teach and Dr. Cynthia Mollen: Panel Discussion

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What You Can Do to Prevent Environmental Hazards from Harming Children

What You Can Do to Prevent Environmental Hazards from Harming Children

Workshop before the International Congress of Pediatrics
Vancouver, British Columbia
August 17, 2016
8 am - 4 pm

The International Pediatric Association (IPA) is sponsoring this 1-day workshop on August 17 in Vancouver. The International Congress of Pediatrics will be held on August 17-22.  The workshop is designed for pediatricians who want to learn how to protect children from hazards in the environment and those who plan to teach other providers about children's health and the environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to be an advocate for children and protect them from hazards in the environment;
  2. Identify risks to children from secondhand smoke, chemicals (e.g. lead, mercury, pesticides), air, water and food contaminants, emerging issues (e.g. global climate change), and other environmental hazards;
  3. Describe how to recognize, diagnose, prevent and manage adverse effects linked to these environmental risk factors;
  4. Describe why children may be at increased risk of adverse health outcomes and developmental consequences from environmental exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents;
  5. Describe when and how the fetus, the child and the adolescent may be exposed to environmental hazards in different rural and urban settings;

If you are interested in attending, detailed information can be found here:

Ruth A. Etzel, MD, PhD


2016 APA RAPID Scholars Selected
The APA is delighted to announce the selection of the 2016 class of Scholars for the APA Research in Academic Pediatrics Initiative on Diversity (RAPID), sponsored by the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).
RAPID's goal is to recruit, retain, and provide career development and advancement for diverse junior faculty in general academic pediatrics pursuing careers in NIDDK mission areas. RAPID targets applicants who are underrepresented minorities, disabled, or from a socially, culturally, economically, or educationally disadvantaged background. The program, which includes both a research project and career development activities, consists of: 1) research grants of up to $15,000 for projects in NIDDK mission areas (pediatric obesity, nutrition, and/or sickle cell disease); 2) pairing of the RAPID scholar with a national mentor who is an accomplished senior investigator and seasoned mentor; 3) in-person mentoring and networking at an annual breakfast at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting; 4) a Fall Conference on career development and academic success, including mentoring and networking with leading researchers; and 5) RAPID Scholar telephone conference calls every two months, to provide peer support, peer mentoring, networking, a venue for presenting research in progress, and opportunities for potential research collaborations. Additional information on RAPID is available at:
The 2016 RAPID Scholars are:

Brandi K. Freeman, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
University of Colorado School of Medicine/Children's Hospital Colorado
Project title: “Using Standard Teaching Videos in Pediatric Nurse Phone Triage: A Qualitative Study to Understand Parent and Nurse Perspectives on Technological Enhancement of Phone Care Advice.”
Mentor: Christopher Stille, MD, MPH
Department Chair: Stephen Daniels, MD, PhD

Morgan Walls, MD
Academic General Pediatrics Fellow
Boston Medical Center/Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health
Project title: “Prevention and Management of Obesity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Attitudes, Self-Efficacy, Practices, and Barriers among Primary Care Pediatricians.”
Mentor: Megan H. Bair-Merritt, MD
Department Chair: Robert J. Vinci, MD

Please join us in congratulating our 2016 class of APA RAPID Scholars!

Three New RAPID National Advisory Committee (NAC) Members Added
The APA and RAPID leadership are very pleased to announce that three new members have joined our NAC. They are:

Monica L. Baskin, PhD
Division of Preventive Medicine
The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine


Bettina M. Beech, DrPH, MPH
Associate Vice Chancellor of Population Health
Executive Director of the Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute for the Elimination of Disparities
Professor of Pediatrics and Family Medicine
The University of Mississippi Medical Center


Jason Mendoza, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Principal Investigator, Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development
Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Services
University of Washington Schools of Medicine and Public Health
Seattle Children's Research Institute
Harborview Medical Center

These three new NAC members expand our roster of highly accomplished and nationally renown researchers and mentors, who include:

Michael DeBaun, MD, MPH
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
J.C. Peterson Chair in Pediatric Pulmonology
Director, Vanderbilt-Meharry Center for Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Elena Fuentes-Afflick, MD, MPH
Professor and Vice Chair of Pediatrics
Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of California, San Francisco
Chief of Pediatrics, San Francisco General Hospital

Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology (Chronic Diseases)
Director, Office of Community Health
Yale University School of Public Health

Elsie Taveras, MD, MPH
Chief, Division of General Pediatrics
Director, Pediatric Population Health Management
MassGeneral Hospital for Children
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Harvard Medical School

Jason Wang, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Center for Policy, Outcomes and Prevention
Division of General Pediatrics
Stanford University School of Medicine

APA RAPID Holds Third Annual Fall Mentoring and Career Development Conference

RAPID held its third annual Fall Conference in Grapevine, Texas, on December 10-11, 2015. This exciting conference included a panel discussion on keys to success for young investigators, a speed-mentoring session, a reception and dinner, a keynote address by Dr. Lee Pachter, research presentations by the 2015 RAPID Scholars, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and a hot-topic presentation and discussion, led by the young investigators. In addition to the two 2015 RAPID Scholars, conference attendees included eight additional talented and accomplished young investigators (including residents, fellows, and faculty) from across the country chosen by the RAPID NAC from a strong application pool of candidates. Conference attendees included:

  • Danielle Danae Plattenburg Arnold, University of Colorado/Children's Hospital Colorado
  • Nicole M. Brown, Children's Hospital at Montefiore
  • Juan Espinoza, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles/Keck School of Medicine (2015 RAPID Scholar)
  • Cristina Fernández, Columbia University Medical Center (2015 RAPID Scholar)
  • Kymberly Marie Gonzalez, University of Pennsylvania/CHOP
  • Cynthia Lopez, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Mikah Owen, University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville
  • Kenya Maria Parks, University of Texas Medical School at Houston
  • Kimberly L. Reynolds, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Christopher J. Russell, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles/Keck School of Medicine

Photo: 2015 RAPID Fall Conference attendees, including young investigators, 2015 RAPID Scholars, the keynote speaker, RAPID NAC members, and the RAPID Director and Co-Director.

A post-conference survey revealed uniform agreement that the conference was valuable for young investigators.

The 2016 RAPID Fall Mentoring and Career Development Conference will be held in December 2016 in Grapevine, Texas. Eligible attendees include junior faculty, fellows, and residents who are members of an underrepresented minority group, disabled, or from a socially, culturally, economically, or educationally disadvantaged background, and who are committed to a career in academic general pediatrics. The Call for Nominations for the 2016 RAPID Fall Conference will be issued in October 2016, with a November 2016 deadline for submission of nomination materials. For more information, please contact Jennifer Padilla at .


Glenn Flores, MD                              Fernando Mendoza, MD, MPH
APA RAPID Director                        APA RAPID Co-Director

APA Task Force on Childhood Poverty Education Subcommittee

The APA Taskforce on Childhood Poverty's Education Subcommittee was brought together in 2013, created by the vision of Benard Dryer, to "build a national curriculum to empower physicians to contribute to the elimination of childhood poverty and the alleviation of its effects"

We are very happy to update the APA membership that after countless hours of hard work we have completed the task!  The resulting US Child Poverty Curriculum has four stand alone modules that cover the Epidemiology, the Social Determinants of Health, the Pathophysiology of Poverty, and Leadership and Advocacy to Address Child Poverty. As one subcommittee member put it "It is so critical to our nation's children's that our residents receive this training."  We hope that this work contributes to making that statement a reality. 

The next steps for this work include curricular dissemination and evaluation.  We are pleased to report that Task Force member Dr. James Kaferly is a new APA Educational Scholars Program scholar whose project will focus on the evaluation of various components of the curriculum.  We also will be working on disseminating the materials through a workshop at PAS, under the leadership of Dodi Meyer, a poster at PAS led by Melissa Ruiz, a platform presentation and workshop at APPD being led by Liz Hanson, and others yet to come. In addition, a paper co-authored by many subcommittee members detailing the work will be forthcoming in Academic Pediatrics supplement on poverty this spring. 

The co-chairs of this endeavor, Melissa Klein and Lisa Chamberlain, would like to thank all the amazing work done by the committed and inspiring task force members: Rhonda Acholonu, Alicia Alcamo, Michelle Barnes, Mike Barone, Eleanor Bathory, Sue Berger, Gary Bloch, Susan Bostwick, Rhea Boyd, Janine Bruce, Joanne Cox, Jean Davis, Catherine DeRidder, Margaret Emmott, Lee Ford-Jones, Allison Gorman, Liz Hanson, Hans Kersten, James Kaferly, Perri Klass, Cara Lichtenstein, Brian Lurie, Dodi Meyer, Ambica Nakhasi,
Dipesh Navsaria, Jessica Nash, Amanda Osta, Adam Pallant, Christen Pulcini, Sheela Rao, Melissa Ruiz, Adam Schickedanz, Erin Schnepp, Barry Solomon, Elizabeth Stuart, and Ashaunta Tumblin.

You all made this great work fun!

And finally a huge thanks to Benard for his leadership and ongoing support.

Lisa Chamberlain and Melissa Klein

Update: APA Child Poverty Task Force - Health Care Delivery Subcommittee

Submitted by: Arthur H. Fierman, M.D. and Joanne Cox, M.D., Co-Chairs
The Health Care Delivery Subcommittee of the APA’s Task Force on Child Poverty was formed and held its initial meeting in January, 2014.  With an ultimate working membership of over 30 accomplished experts in child health, the subcommittee sought to review the evidence, describe the “state of the art” regarding the provision of health care to children and families living in poverty and recommend practical approaches for child healthcare providers to address child poverty.  This work has resulted in 3 publications: 

  1. Fierman AH, Beck AF, Chung EK, Tschudy MM, Coker TR, Mistry KB, Siegel B, Chamberlain LJ, Conroy K, Federico SG, Flanagan PJ, Garg A, Gitterman BA, Grace AM, Gross RS, Hole MK, Klass P, Kraft C, Kuo A, Lewis G, Lobach KS, Long D, Ma CT, Messito M, Navsaria D, Northrip KR, Osman C, Sadof MD, Schickedanz AB, Cox J. Redesigning Health Care Practices to Address Childhood Poverty. Academic Pediatrics. 2016 (Supple); In Press.
  2. Beck AF, Tschudy MM, Coker TR, Mistry KB, Cox JE, Gitterman BA, Chamberlain LJ, Grave AM, Hole MK, Klass PE, Lobach KS, Ma CT, Navsaria D, Northrip KD, Sadof MD, Shah AN, Fierman AH. Determinants of Health and Pediatric Primary Care Practices. Pediatrics. 2016;137(3):e20153673.
  3. Chung EK, Siegel BS, Garg A, Conroy K, Gross RS, Long DA, Lewis G, Osman CJ, Messito M, Wade R, Yin S, Cox J, Fierman AH. Screening for Social Determinants of Health among Children and Families Living in Poverty: A Guide for Clinicians.  Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care.  2016; In Press.

The incredible commitment and work ethic of this distinguished group of APA members truly has been inspiring.   It is our hope that these publications will help to raise consciousness about child poverty within the Pediatric community, provide practical guidance in addressing child poverty in child health practices and advance the dialogue about solutions that involve collaborations that bridge the health care, social services, legal and governmental sectors of our society.
Congratulations to all involved and our deepest thanks to the APA for providing the "fertile ground" to grow this great effort on behalf of vulnerable children and families!

Many members of this group have expressed interest in continuing to work together on the problem of child poverty –networking, sharing information, developing collaborations.  For those who are interested, a meeting of the Task Force at PAS is being arranged for Monday May 2 in the morning - be on the lookout for a separate announcement.