President's Message

Sue Bostwick

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather! As usual, there is a lot going on at the APA at this time of year.

By now you likely heard that APA members elected Latha Chandran, MD, MPH as President-Elect of our organization. We are very excited to have her re-join the Board and she will begin her term as President-Elect in May. APA members also voted to change our bylaws, which will slightly alter the composition of the Board.

Our Board of Directors had a very productive annual meeting in mid-October. We voted to expand financial support of our SIGS, which had not been increased for many years. We had rich discussions about our Young Investigator Awards Program, and we continued to develop programs that will bring value to you. We are also moving forward with our plans for a new website that we hope to have in place next year.

Some of you may have noticed that the APA is now sending letters to Department Chairs to notify them of the great work that you are doing! We strongly believe that you should receive praise for the volunteer work that you do for the APA. We have received very positive feedback from members and Chairs who recognize your leadership and academic accomplishments. If you wish for us to notify your Chair about your APA activities, please go to our Members section of our website and complete the brief form.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the calls for volunteers for our committees and taskforces. We are excited to be launching several new committees and taskforces including the Health Policy Scholars Curriculum Task Force and the Wellness and Resiliency Task Force.

The Educational and Research Scholars Programs recruited new cohorts this Fall. The Educational Scholars Program Received a record-number of candidates. Our Quality Scholars program (QSIS) will recruit their third cohort next year. Our Environmental Health Scholars met in Providence, Rhode Island early in October. I was very fortunate to attend this meeting. The science presented there was fascinating and the mentoring was truly remarkable. Finally, New Century Scholars has also received many applications for the upcoming year.

In addition, our research networks, CORNET and BORN are quite busy. CORNET’s We Care is in its second year. BORN has several projects in progress, including the Newborn Bathing Survey, the Car-seat Testing Survey, and Vaccine Preferences Study.

Furthermore, our Regions are already planning their winter-spring programs. We are hoping to get more trainees involved in our organization and will count on the regions to help with this endeavor. In fact, we are planning to develop a program for pediatric residents who will serve as representatives in their training programs, to inform their colleagues about the excellent opportunities for trainees in the APA.

Lastly, our annual Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) Meeting has been formed as a non-profit corporation, PAS Inc, to provide the governance support the meeting needs. The four partner organizations of PAS (APA, APS, SPR and AAP) are now working more closely together and this will benefit the APA in many ways. We are already very busy at work on the next PAS meeting in Baltimore in May 2019. Several APA members serve on the PAS Planning Committee, including Judy Shaw, Paul Chung, Teri Turner, Rachel Gross, Wendy Hobson--Rohrer and myself. The PAS Planning Committee recently met and we are all very pleased that so many scholarly sessions (formerly known as invited science) developed by, and important to, our APA members were accepted for presentation in Baltimore. (Formal letters of acceptance for this Invited Science will go out soon.) At this time, I know that many of you are busy preparing Workshop proposals for submission. It is shaping up to be another outstanding PAS meeting. We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore next spring!

Thank you for all that you continue to do for the APA. I wish everyone a wonderful fall season. Enjoy the upcoming holidays.


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