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Academic Pediatrics, the official journal of the Academic Pediatric Association, is a peer-reviewed publication whose purpose is to strengthen the research and educational base of academic general pediatrics. The content areas of the journal reflect the interests of Association members and other health professionals who care for children. These areas include such diverse topics as pediatric education, emergency medicine, injury, abuse, behavioral pediatrics, holistic medicine, child health services and health policy, and the environment. The journal's particular emphases include an active forum for the presentation of pediatric educational research in diverse settings, involving medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing professionals. The journal also emphasizes important research relating to the quality of child health care, health care policy, and the organization of child health services. Academic Pediatrics provides a forum for careful systematic reviews of primary care interventions and for the presentation of important methodologic papers to aid research in child health and education. As the official journal of the Academic Pediatric Association, Academic Pediatrics publishes policy statements, communications from the Board of Directors, and notices of important Committee and Special Interest Group projects.

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April 2018 Newsletter

Academic Pediatrics Journal Updates

Supplement on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination

Despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine, HPV vaccine uptake has been lower than expected. Included with the March issue of Academic Pediatrics is an important new supplement on raising HPV vaccination rates featuring 7 commentaries and 11 original articles from noted experts. Articles highlight challenges, successes, and lessons about HPV vaccination delivery in the United States. The articles are organized by population: parent, provider, and system. Improving HPV vaccination coverage in the United States has many challenges and will require multi-disciplinary solutions and teamwork. We hope the information in this supplement will allow APA members to incorporate the latest evidence and expertise about HPV vaccination delivery into their practices and ultimately rid the nation of HPV disease. Comment with your thoughts on the supplement on facebook or twitter @AcademicPeds, and read the whole supplement on the website

Highlighted Articles

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the HPV supplement, the March regular issue of Academic Pediatrics featured several great articles and original research that shouldn’t be missed. The commentary “Medicaid in Transition: Proposed Changes in Funding Mechanisms and Their Consequences” is a great introduction for pediatricians to potential legislative changes in Medicaid, which provides healthcare to 40% of children in the United States. This issue of the journal also features excellent medical education research, including articles on teaching medical students how to use phone interpreters, evaluation of a pediatric sub-internship curriculum, and development of a random case-generating game for use in morning report. Find all these papers and other great work relevant to pediatric research, education, advocacy and policy at

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