Steps to Apply

What are the steps to apply for consultation and/or accreditation?

  1. Decide whether your program is eligible to apply.
  2. Carefully review:
    • Polices and Procedures
    • Accreditation Polices and Procedures
    • Program Requirements
    • Appendix A Core Curriculum Requirements
    • Appendix B Goals and Objectives
  3. Download a copy of the Program Description Form.
  4. Decide whether your program can meet the accreditation requirements.
  5. Decide whether you wish to apply immediately, or would like a consultation visit to help you develop a plan to meet accreditation standards.
  6. Call the APA Office for answers to any questions (703) 556-9222.
  7. Submit your application by September 1 to assure review before the following July. Cover letter
  8. A site visit will be scheduled to discuss your program's compliance with accreditation standards.Accreditation Site Visit Consultation Site Visit
  9. Accreditation, if approved, will begin on July 1 at the earliest.
  10. Accreditation Evaluation

Note: In some cases, provisional accreditation based on careful review of the written application may precede a site visit.




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