The Academic Pediatric Association (APA) provides consultation and accreditation of academic general pediatrics (AGP) fellowship programs.

Why Accredit?
APA accreditation ensures that fellowships meet at minimum standard of quality. Accreditation programs undergo a review by the AGP Accreditation Committee, which is comprised of long-time, experienced fellowship directors

APA Fellowship Accreditation Will:

  • Ensure that future faculty are equipped with the fundamental skills to succeed in academic pediatrics.
  • Enhance the quality and consistency of academic general pediatric fellowships.
  • Allow for individuality of programs yet enable them to achieve core goals and objectives.
  • Promote more recognition of AGP fellowships.
  • Encourage more residents to select academic general pediatrics as a career choice.


How to Apply
Eligible institutions can apply by filling out the Program Description Form and the Coversheet and emailing it to
Applications must be submitted by July 1 to be considered for accreditation in the following calendar year.
Click here to review a comprehensive explanation of the application process.

All academic institutions that are dedicated to the teaching of scholarly skills to fellows in general pediatrics, including academic general pediatrics, hospital medicine, community pediatrics, health services research, health policy and related pediatric disciplines are eligible to apply. Additionally, programs must be

  • At least two years in duration
  • Not eligible for ACGME accreditation
  • Consist of academic skills development in addition to clinical training

Fee Schedule

Application Fee


Annual Program Fee


Consultant Fee

$3,000 plus travel expenses


Institutions that are unsure if their current program structure and curriculum will qualify for accreditation, may request a consultation. One -two reviewers will travel to your institution to review your program and make recommendations and help create a pathway to accreditation. The consultation is free, however, reviewer travel expenses will be invoiced to your institution.

APA-accreditation expires after 10 years. Two years prior to the end of your institution’s accreditation, cycle, your institution must submit reaccreditation materials. Click here to start the reaccreditation process.

Reaccreditation forms must be submitted by July 1 prior to your accreditation cycle’s expiration date






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