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To establish a fund to support key APA Programs:

  • Young Investigator Awards
  • Scholarships to Annual Meetings
  • General fund for new programs that serve the APA mission.

The financial demands on the APA have increased along with its activities. Special Interest Groups (SIGs), regions and committees have extended their work beyond the annual meeting. APA programs have been limited by financial constraints. Our hope is for the APA Fund to be continuously renewed by member and corporate donations.

The APA accepts restricted donations for specific programs or unrestricted donations to support the overall mission. If individuals would like to make a donation in a previous member's name, they may do so by emailing info@academicpeds.org and noting that their unrestricted or restricted donation was in honor of an individual and provide the name of that individual. We track these donations internally and notify families about these donations and their amounts regularly.

Program Descriptions

Fellow Scholarships

Beginning in 1998, the APA received financial support to bring fellows to the annual meeting. Over 100 fellows have been recipients of these funds. Our goal is to provide support for many more.

New Century Scholars

The New Century Scholars Program, is a mentorship program aimed at increasing the diversity of the academic general pediatric workforce through the mentorship of under-represented minority (URM) pediatric residents who have an interest in pursuing careers in academic pediatrics.

Research Networks

APA's Research Networks are practice-based research networks dedicated to advancing newborns' and children's health through research. CORNET is a practice-based research network composed of resident continuity clinics. BORN is the only practice-based research network dedicated to increasing the evidence base for care of term and late-term newborns.

Resident Investigator Awards

The APA Resident Investigator Award provides awards of up to $2,500 for research conducted by residents related to child health promotion, health services research, teaching and/or patient care.

Young Investigator Awards

This program provides small grants (up to $10,000) to academic generalists in the earliest stages of their careers. Although there have been more than 500 applicant requests, only 42 awards have been made due to limited resources.

How You Can Help

Support of the APA Fund is an important way to promote general academic pediatrics. It will enable us to expand our already successful programs.

Contributions may be directed to the endowment (only interest dollars will be spent), or to a program specific activity in which you have a particular interest. Donations may be made in one of several methods:

  • Individual gifts
  • Donations in the form of a memorial or tribute
  • Giving Options:
    • donation of appreciated stock
    • annual contribution
    • assignment of appreciated stock, real estate or cash to the APA as part of estate planning
    • bequeath to APA in your will
  • Pledges (over a specified time period)

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